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Wildlife-inspired bathroom design

Wildlife-inspired bathroom design

Aug 17, 2015

These days it is fairly difficult to find a bathroom design that would attract a great deal of attention. Apparently, customers have seen it all and it is really difficult to come up with something out of the ordinary. Typical and most commonly found designs and styles make up some kind of a cliché these days and for this reason they are rather looked down upon. Customers, on the other hand, would like to have something fresh and new and a wildlife-inspired bathroom design could be an interesting idea.

A wildlife-inspired bathroom style and design goes far beyond a typical image of a bathroom decor. Mind you, a typical configuration isn’t particularly exciting when it comes to interesting colours and design in general. Plain white or grey walls combined with dull and boring tiles cannot possibly be any good in the style department. Given that, let’s see if the wildlife-based configuration is any better when it comes to excitement and emotions in your bathroom.

The power of excitement and emotions

Even a very well-designed bathroom can be easily ruined by an unfortunate selection of colours and decor in general. Bathrooms these days have plenty of functionalities because they need to be used by entire families on a daily basis seven days a week. Given that, a bathroom needs to be easy to use and it shouldn’t take too much time. Other than that, a well-thou1_Rimfree_toilet_flushinggh-out bathroom should feature a very good bathroom decor. Speaking of which, it is perhaps a good idea to forget about plain white walls and boring floor tiles. Those colours were good half a decade ago and now customers want something far more exciting. Therefore, it is a good idea to think of the wildlife-based decor. In this case we have a bathroom full of lively colours which are bound to make the bathroom look cool. Kids will absolutely love a bathroom with lions and tigers in it. Surely, we can’t really afford to put real tigers or lions inside but we can choose some to appear on the walls or the floor. Nowadays it is possible to choose from an impressive variety of tiles. Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes and colours but also in all imaginable designs. It is possible, for example, to have a wildlife-inspired design which includes everything you can possibly find out in the wild. As we mentioned earlier, there are wild animals but also jungle forests, waterfalls and raging torrents of the Amazon. Finally, it is a good idea not to forget about efficiency. A set of energy-efficient sanitary ware items would be a perfect complement to a beautifully-designed bathroom that is joy to use and cheap to run on a daily basis. There is a choice of water saving rim-free toilets, washbasins and shower enclosures available in your local bathroom store.


A bathroom can be exciting and very practical at the same time. Please abandon the usual approach to bathroom designs and go for the excitement and energy saving.

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