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Where style and design meet functionality and practicality

Where style and design meet functionality and practicality

Apr 24, 2013

Although it sounds like a broad claim, getting style and design to meet functionality and practicality appears to be possible. Sanitary ware manufacturers offer a whole bunch of products which combine very interesting design with functionality on a daily basis. According to customer, that is exactly what makes a perfect bathroom design, namely a lot of style teamed with practicality. Adding a little bit of efficiency results in something of a bathroom masterpiece.

Many people believe that a combination of functionality and design can’t really work. However, it turns out that the combination on question is within our reach even as we speak. The sanitary ware industry have been through a major development process over the years and the results are absolutely spectacular. Apparently, a range of new bathroom products proves that it is indeed possible to come up with a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, let’s have a look at the products that are responsible for this breakthrough.

Designed to serve a function

A bathroom design that combined a very good style with even better functionality sounds like a dream. However, it turns out that bathroom manufacturers offeGeo6_2_Panel_OBS_2011r exactly these qualities within a single bathroom design. Due to the fact that the size of an average bathroom has significantly shrunk over the last decades, the meaning of functionality has also changed. These days a functional bathroom means a design that maintains a satisfactory level of everyday practicality on a daily basis. In particular, it means a bathroom with a shower pod and a number of space efficient solutions. Speaking of those solutions, it must be borne in mind that currently there’s a whole variety of products especially designed to ensure minimal use of bathroom area as well as a decrease in running water consumption. And it is here that we encounter the point at which aesthetics meets functionality. A shower pod, for example, offers an excellent space efficiency due to the fact that it only uses vertical area as opposed to a typical bathtub which of course requires an awful lot of horizontal room. What’s more, right next to the space efficiency there’s a great deal of style and design. Modern day shower pods offer everything you might imagine in terms of exquisite style and comfort. A whole variety of sliding doors, screens and shower trays means that there’s really a lot to choose from.


We’ve seen that it is actually possible to combine style with function. What’s more, it’s also possible to obtain a great deal of space and energy efficiency which is a very important feature these days.

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