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When functionality and style come together

When functionality and style come together

Apr 4, 2013

Quite a lot of people have absolutely no idea that these days it is absolutely possible to combine functionality with style and aesthetics. Until a couple of decades ago, though, it was either style or functionality without much room for compromise. Over the last decades, however, a lot has changed in this respect and nowadays all major companies dealing with sanitary ware products offer bathroom solutions that encompass both function and aesthetics.

In the past if you wanted both style and practicality in a bathroom you didn’t have much choice at all. What’s more, it really seemed that the two qualities can’t possibly come together as one. These days, however, a lot has changed and sanitary ware manufacturers have begun to understand that there are increasing numbers of customers who actually want the two qualities to be present in their bathrooms. Therefore, over the last years we have witnessed a major increase in the number of bathroom products that meet the two requirements perfectly.

Style meets function

Even though it hasn’t always been so simple and straightforward, we can easily speak of whole product ranges that were designed with style and function in mind. In other words, then, it appears that a joint venture between the twdecoro supposedly opposite qualities is perfectly possible and within our reach. Therefore, let’s mention a few examples of precisely those pieces of sanitary ware equipment. First of all, one must mention furniture-based sanitary ware products such as washbasins or bathtubs. Apparently, it is now possible to have your own washbasin or a bathtub embedded in furniture-like frame which vastly contributes to the overall look of your bathing room. Moreover, it is now possible to make your bathroom correspond with the rest of your house in terms of style and design. Never before has it been possible to maintain a consistent design in all rooms in a house. These days, however, one can have the same design stretched from the living room and up to the bathroom without too much effort at all. Another very important piece of the whole puzzle is a mirror. Apparently, in order for practicality and style to get on well, one needs to choose crystal mirrors which are capable of producing some outstanding light reflections which make the whole bathing room a very special place to be in.


We’ve seen that style and function can easily meet form and come together as one. Interestingly, on doesn’t have to choose any longer between either of the qualities which is excellent news for those who have always wanted to have a practical but stylish bathroom.

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