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What matters in a bathroom

What matters in a bathroom

Jun 13, 2013

Different customers have different expectations when it comes to a bathroom design. However, it really appears that most people these days are interested in pure functionality and practicality. Due to the fact that the size of an average bathroom has significantly decreased, more and more customers look for space efficient sanitary ware solutions which are capable of turning even a very small bathroom into a practical and functional unit.

A bathroom design these days is a very complex issue which has to take into account all sorts of customer expectations. Apparently, a decent design has to be all about efficiency in the first place. A recent customer opinion survey has revealed that efficiency and practicality are the most important aspects of a contemporary bathroom. It turns out that modern day bathrooms are much smaller than bathrooms from 2 or 3 decades ago. As a result, sanitary ware manufacturers have to be more creative and innovative in order to deliver a similar functionality and practicality level given the smaller size. Luckily, thanks to the development process that has taken place in the sanitary ware industry, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory level of efficiency in spite of unfavourable conditions.

Practicality is what matter most of all

Regardless of the size of a typical bathroom, it is still possible to enjoy a fully functional and user-friendAlcona_Cloakroom_Wall_Hungly bathroom without any problems at all. Apparently, all major sanitary ware manufacturers offer space efficient bathroom products which are perfect for small bathrooms. The idea behind the whole concept of space efficiency bathroom products is in fact very simple and it surely isn’t rocket science. In a nutshell, then, the whole idea of a space efficient piece of bathroom equipment is based on the compact idea. For example, instead of a typical toilet unit with a separate cistern, it is much more sensible to choose a compact option which offers exactly the same functionality but it manages to use much less space. If a bathroom situation is really serious, then it is the perfect moment to try a more advanced solution, namely a wall-mounted toilet. This particular bathroom solution leaves only a toilet bowl as the only element that is visible to the naked eye. All the remaining bits are hidden away which is excellent for space efficiency. Of course, a smallish bathroom can’t possibly be any good if it features a bathtub of some kind. In order to achieve maximum functionality and practicality, there’s quite simply no room for a tub and a shower enclosure is the only way to go.


A modern day bathroom is functional and practical above all. However, in order to achieve these qualities, one needs to go for space efficient bathroom products.

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