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Trying out a new bathroom decor

Trying out a new bathroom decor

May 14, 2013

Sometimes a simple and straightforward change of bathroom paint isn’t enough to change the way a bathroom looks. Apparently, a quick repaint is fine when it comes to relatively new bathrooms which simply don’t require going to too much trouble at all. However, those with a little bit older rooms often have to choose a complete bathroom makeover which involves trying out a new bathroom decor. Therefore, let’s see what it takes to make a shabby bathroom look brand-new using a new bathroom decor.

Although a quick repaint would be the simplest and cheapest way to regain the bathroom’s brand-new look, sometimes it is simply not enough. Therefore, in case of old and shabby bathrooms one needs to think of a trying out a new decor as well. In a nutshell, a new decor usually involves a complete makeover that includes a new layout and brand-new pieces of sanitary ware and furniture equipment. The good news being, a majority of DIY and bathroom stores offer discount prices when purchasing a complete set of products to be used in a bathing room.

The new decor

The new bathroom decor is supposed to have a refreshing effect which means a completely newEnvy_WH_Bathroom feeling. Apparently, it’s the new paint combined with the new decor that give the expected result. Speaking of a new decor, one must be prepared for major bathroom shopping. However, it is a very good idea to begin with a plan. Depending on the particular bathroom layout, new solutions will be needed. For example, then, if the old layout included a shower enclosure, fitting a bathtub is just the right thing to do. According to design experts, change of this kind is bound to give the feel of freshness and that’s exactly what we’re after. At this stage it must be mentioned that, although a typical account of bathtubs says they’re not perfect as far as efficiency is concerned, those modern day designs are pretty decent when it comes to running water usage. Thanks to a small design they feature, they do not occupy too much space inside a bathroom and they manage to consume less water than the designs of the past. Going further into the new bathroom decor, one is also advised to choose a really good bathroom mirror. According to experts, a good mirror combined with the right set of bathroom lights is capable of producing some remarkable visual effects.


A new bathroom is needed when a quick repaint simply isn’t enough. When choosing bits and pieces to be fitted into a new bathroom, it is important to be liberal as far as making changes is concerned.

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