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Thinking in bathroom colours

Thinking in bathroom colours

Jan 29, 2015

Although it may sound a little bit strange but it turns out that colours in a bathroom matter a lot. By saying bathroom colours I mean all kinds of colour options that a potential customer can come across. It is very important to think twice before making a final decision. Colours should be carefully analysed and chosen to match the remaining bits of sanitary ware elements fitted in a given bathroom. Mind you, a bathroom is expected to look consistent in terms of colours used and, for this reason, orange walls and, say, red tiles are a no-no. Given that, please take your time when making up your mind and, in order to make matters easier for you, please have a look at a quick guide to the right colour choice that is to be found below.

Paint manufacturers offer a dazzling variety of colours these days. One can choose from a great number of colour shades that differ very little from one another. Just a brief visit to a local DIY store proves this point very well. There are probably a dozen paint makers on the market offering every imaginable shade of every imaginable colour. However, if that’s not enough for you, it is also possible to come up with a colour that you want. In other words, then, the use computers allows for getting the ideal colour shade that takes your fancy.

Generating your perfect colour

All major DIY stores offer a unique opportunity to come up with any paint colour that you possibly wantAlcona_WC. The idea behind this bold claim is very simple. Computers operate a paint mixing machine which produces a blend of numerous shades in order to create the one chosen by a customer. What’s even more, it is possible to provide a material object for the system to scan. When the scanning process is complete, the machine in question generates exactly the same colour that of the provided object. Speaking of colours themselves, it is important to make sure that the colour scheme used in your bathroom is consistent. By consistent I mean not at odds with remaining bathroom object such as sanitary ware elements and furniture. Typically, ambient colours are recommended if the bathroom is to have a soothing effect. Blue, green, yellow or beige are the most popular options. However, at this point it should be mentioned that some customers expect something a little bit different in the shape of bright colours and sudden colour clashes. It is not uncommon to come across customers expecting their bathrooms to be though-provoking and stimulating at all times. For these purposes one needs to use bright and intense colours such as red, bright yellow or green.


A decent bathroom design should treat colours very seriously. Colours chosen wisely and with all due care and attention guarantee a satisfactory result at all times.

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