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The significance of a functional and practical bathroom

The significance of a functional and practical bathroom

Feb 29, 2016

A bathroom of today needs to be functional and practical. Apparently, customers are very much determined to get exactly what they pay for. This means that sanitary ware manufacturers and people responsible for creating bathroom designs need to pay extra attention to the requirements of their customers. The same principle also applies to furniture makers because furniture’s become an integral part of each and every bathroom nowadays. So if you’re a customer interested in finding a new bathroom design option for your old bathroom, you’re in a privileged position to do so.

The issues of practicality and functionality have had quite an impact on the field of bathroom design. It appears to reflect the fact that people no longer want art for art’s sake bathrooms. Instead, they wish for something a little bit more, say, down to Earth. Perhaps the best way to describe this new trend is by looking at the functional and practical aspects of our everyday life. We all want the stuff around us to be functional, i.e. easy to use quite simply because why would anyone wish for something different?

The advantage functional bathrooms offer

It doesn’t take long to understand why exactly people seem to favour practical and functional stuff over those of, say, greater artistic value. According to surveys and opinion polls, cus3D_600_Basin_White_Opentomers demand simple and practical stuff that is easy to use and that’s what counts. Therefore, let’s briefly analyse what it is that makes such bathroom designs work. First of all, it is important that we go for practical colours. Instead of bright and eye-watering colours such as orange or yellow we do recommend pastel shades such as blue, green or amber. Choosing those colours help to keep the whole room under control in terms of the impression it makes and the impact it exerts on everyone using it. Then there’s the use of space. Mind you, even a pretty small bathroom has a certain potential if we choose the right design and take a sensible approach. Fitting a shower enclosure would be most welcome due to two main reasons. First of all, it helps to minimise the space use. Secondly, the space that has been saved thanks to using a shower enclosure can be used for other purposes such as bathroom furniture. According to design experts, it is of paramount importance that a good bathroom design has a set of serious bathroom furniture because this is exactly what keeps the place functional thanks to the storage space it offers.


A functional bathroom is one with plenty of storage space and a sensible design of the unit’s layout. Therefore, please make sure those points are taken into consideration when designing your new bathroom.

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