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The role of colours in modern bathroom designs

The role of colours in modern bathroom designs

Mar 27, 2013

A typical modern day bathroom design uses colours in a very different way than it was done in the past. The function of colours in a bathroom is not to draw anyone’s attention but to make everyone think the colours are just right and they couldn’t be possible any different. The new function, then, requires a perfect design match of the bathroom with the rest of the house in order to avoid colour clashes which are often a very serious problems for aspiring bathroom designers.

Although an average bathroom user doesn’t pay any particular attention to the colours, they are very important indeed. The colours aren’t just there so that the walls and the floor aren’t plain white. As a matter of fact, bathroom colours are very important in that they have an immense influence of how a given bathroom feels. the choice of particular colour shades can easily enhance or ruin any bathing room so let us have a closer look at how to deal with this issue.

Colours that define your bathroom

Even though it totally doesn’t look like it but colours are absolutely crucial in every bathroom. According to some style and decor experts, they are even more important than the actual sanitary ware products that you have in the bathroom. The minimalistic approach which is the most popular trend these days offer a very clear stance on colours. They can’t draw and focus attention but keramag2they have to create an impression that the colour choice could be possibly any different. The colours, however, have to define the character of the bathroom in a very positive way. The already-mentioned minimalistic bathroom decor suggests avoiding sharp and particularly bright colour shades in favour of more calmed down and soothing varieties. Therefore, it is recommended to go for, for instance, shades of blue, green or beige. Blue is particularly recommended if you’re interested in making your bathroom resemble natural water reservoirs. Green, on the other hand, is known for its calming down effects which means that a hot bath in a green bathroom guarantees relaxation after a hard day at work. When it comes to bathroom furniture, it should also match the colour scheme of the bathroom in order to achieve the best results. At this point it should be mentioned that the best results can only be achieved when the design is coherent and there’s no clashing.


Colours definitely play a very important role in every bathroom. It turns out that in the case of bathrooms, the right colour choice is often more important that the choice of furniture or sanitary ware products.

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