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The idea of a functional bathroom

The idea of a functional bathroom

May 9, 2013

A functional bathroom is obviously everyone’s dream when it comes to an ideal bathroom arrangement. However, getting things right isn’t quite as easy as it seems and it often requires quite a lot of skill and effort. Luckily, though, a couple of basic tips and tricks will allow you enjoy a fairly functional bathing room in spite of the actual size of the room. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at what it is that makes a functional bathing room.

People interested in doing a bathroom redecoration or an entirely new bathroom are always into a practical and functional bathroom. Apparently, these days it is all about functionality and no one appears to pay too much attention to style or exquisite design. The only design that works is functionality and that means that a potential bathroom customer has to make a very strict decision which often calls for compromising some of the aesthetics in favour of functionality. Luckily, all major sanitary ware manufacturers offer these days a range of bathroom products especially designed with functionality in mind.

The functional design

These days it’s all about functionality and practicality. Every single bit of human life has to have its very own functional character in order to be accepGalerie_Flushwise_WCted in the society. The same principle is at work in case of the sanitary ware market. For a whole bunch of reasons, then, there is simply no room for pure aesthetics and no functionality in modern day bathroom designs. At the same time, though, it must be borne in mind that the size of an average bathing room has significantly decreased over the last years. As it turns out, there are more and more flats with very tiny bathrooms and those small and cramped units certainly don’t have much to offer in the way of functionality. A small room can’t possibly be any good at providing the functionality and every day practicality. However, the above statement turns out to be pretty far from the truth. Thanks to many years worth of development in the sanitary ware industry, all major bathroom manufacturers now offer space efficient bathroom products which were especially designed with functionality in mind. A typical small bathroom scenario, then, involves a shower enclosure, a rim-free space saving toilet with a compact or wall-mounted design and a lot of bathroom storage. Experts maintain that there just isn’t anything better than the combination mentioned above if you’re interested in functionality in a small bathroom.


A practical bathroom and functional bathroom is the only way to go in modern day sanitary ware market. According to experts, even very small bathrooms can be arranged in such a way as to provide enough room for all the basics.

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