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The design trends in modern bathrooms

The design trends in modern bathrooms

Apr 3, 2013

Those who look for specific and detailed design trends in modern day bathrooms will be disappointed. Apparently, the aesthetic and stylistic aspect has given way to practicality and functionality. However, that is not to say that function can’t possibly be nice to look at. Therefore, let’s analyse the design that is the most popular among contemporary bathrooms.

In the past a bathroom was a kind of status symbol which could tell a lot about its owner. These days, on the other hand, there’s literally no room for heavy ornamentation and decadent bathroom fittings. Right at the other end of the old scale we have a modern bathroom which features a very special design and style which known as practicality above everything else. With this in mind, let us have a closer look at what it is exactly that makes a modern bathroom so different to its predecessors.

The art of function

Unlike the designs of the past, a modern bathing room has broken free from everything that isn’t all aboutcompact function. A fashionable bathroom these days will not feature golden or silver bathroom fittings. Instead there’s a whole fest of modern technologies employed to make life easier. To mention a couple of examples, let’s take a water efficient tap first. Designed to save as much water as possible, the tap serves as an invisible hand of reason which shuts the water flow down when you no longer need the water. Experts estimate that gallons of water every month can be saved thanks to this design feature. Another very interesting piece of bathroom engineering is a water saving toilet which has a similar purpose to the tap. However, the principle is a little bit different this time. There is a 2-button flushing system which allows the user to actually have a say as to the amount of water to be flushed. Depending on a given need, one can choose between the full flush or just one third of the cistern. Speaking of design, however, it must be mentioned at this stage that both the toilet and the taps are available quite literally in all shapes and sizes which means there’s a lot to choose from for the customer. More demanding customers can even specify highly individualised projects which are going to be put into life by some exquisite sanitary ware manufacturers.


The idea of style and design has been given a completely different meaning these days. It appears to have evolved from a collection of unnecessarily expensive material into a fully practical and efficient bathroom arrangement.

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