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Taking your bathroom seriously

Taking your bathroom seriously

Dec 17, 2013

Many people want their bathrooms to make some kind of a statement about them. Apparently, they would like to enjoy the beauty of the tiles, mirrors and lights without thinking too much about the functional aspect. However, it appears that it is the functional aspect that matters most of all because a bathing room is often used by many people on a single day and for this reason it has to be both very functional and practical. Luckily, though, it appears that it is now possible to combine excellent style with even better functionality thanks to a line of modern day sanitary ware products.

A modern day bathing room has to fulfil a whole variety of functions. Apparently, people expect them to be both very stylish and functional which appears to be quite impossible, at least at the first sight. However, when we come to think of it, all modern day sanitary ware manufacturers offer the combination of the two qualities. Given that, let’s have a slightly closer look at what it is that makes modern day bathroom units so versatile.

Modern day bathroom designs

Earlier on, we said that modern day sanitary ware products are very versatile. What makes them so much different to bathroom units of the past is the fact that they combine both excellent design and increased functionality. To Geo6_2_Panel_OBS_2011be more precise, let’s analyse a typical compact bathroom that is commonly found in all kinds of flats these days. First of all, we immediately notice that a typical full-size bathtub is hardly ever used. Instead, we can see quite a lot of shower enclosure and small tub units. Speaking of the latter, though, let’s say a few words about their unique characteristics. At the first sight, they look a lot like their old-fashioned counterparts, but they’re very different when it comes to energy efficiency figures. Some of those bathrooms also incorporate a shower facility which makes them perfect for everyday use. Mind you, not only do they use much less water than conventional bathtubs due to smaller size but they also make for a quicker use thanks to the showering facility. Radical bathroom owners can, of course, choose to have only a showering enclosure without a bathtub which results in significant savings as far as bathroom space and water use are concerned. Speaking of style, however, both a compact bathtub and a shower enclosure can be arranged to look absolutely great. These days it is possibly to specify all sorts of bath and shower screens made of glass or plastic which make the whole bathroom look terrific.


A modern day bathroom has to face all sorts of challenges. However, it is usually possible to combine excellent functionality with a unique style or design.

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