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Practical ideas for a good bathroom

Practical ideas for a good bathroom

Mar 22, 2013

Regardless of the size of your bathroom the functional aspect should always be given priority. Certainly, it helps to have a bigger room at your disposal but it isn’t by any means necessary. According to experts in the field of decorating, even a small bathroom which has been decorated with a lot of common sense can be functional and practical on a daily basis. Given that, let’s have a look at some ideas regarding a not very big but still practical bathroom.

Traditionally, a small bathroom has been perceived as being very impractical in that it doesn’t really allow for fitting what a good bathroom should have. In fact there’s hardly any space at all so, for example, a bathtub has to be a luxury we can’t really afford. Recently, however, a lot appears to have change in this respect with many design ideas taking seriously the limitations of a small bathroom. Luckily, there seems to be a cure for the everlasting problem of bathroom area scarcity and with a little bit of care and attention it can be turned into a functional and practical room.

Less equals more

Although it sounds pretty preposterous, sometimes less means more and this is precisely the case pDMiay4NawFx5SFPwfP-n5Q-p1YPElnib4XBRZ7KVXwwith small bathrooms. Even though we have considerably less space at our disposal, it is still possible to use whatever little of the space there is in order to make our bathroom perfectly functional. First of all, the less equals more technique calls for the right choice of sanitary ware products. It is recommended that, for instance, a bathtub isn’t included in the shopping list for two main reasons, namely space and water efficiency. Speaking of the first, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist really to understand that a bathtub uses up a large amount of space and for this reason alone it can’t be recommended in small bathroom. When it comes to water efficiency, it is common knowledge that using a tub on a regular basis involves more water consumption which can be avoided when using the alternative choice, namely a shower enclosure. Not only is it a terrific space saving product but it also proves to use way less water and that is very good news. Together with a shower enclosure there are other pieces of sanitary ware equipment which allow for saving both space and your money. A compact corner toilet and efficient taps are particularly worthy of a mention.


It turns out that a smaller bathroom doesn’t have to indicate problems at all. With the right sort of approach it is absolutely possible to maintain a decent practicality and functionality level.

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