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Personalise your bathroom with your very own style

Personalise your bathroom with your very own style

Jan 30, 2014

Typically, many people genuinely believe that personalising a bathroom would be very difficult to do and it is simply not worth the effort. For some reason, a majority of customers go for the most popular colours, tiles and pieces of bathroom gear. However, according to experts, it is pretty easy to come up with fairly personalised and customised bathroom style and design. The bottom line being, it is better to experiment with your bathroom appearance than leave it as it is now.

Bathrooms have become very common when it comes to design issues. Most bathing room design options suggested by large sanitary ware companies are essentially the same. White walls and pale tiles seem to be the only way to go. Luckily enough, they aren’t. With just a little bit of effort you can come up with your very own bathroom design and style. What you need to do is have an open-minded approach to the subject and experiment with different possibilities.

Doing it your own way

Instead going for the most obvious choices when it comes to your bathroom designs, why don’t you just try2Sola_Rimless_BTWpan and experiment with something a little bit more original? The best way to being the whole process of arranging your bathroom involves choosing your colours. We wholeheartedly recommend to be at least a little brave when it comes to choosing a particular colour scheme. You are encouraged to use blue, black, green or even orange instead of the typical white. The same general rule applies to choosing your tiles. Due to the fact that there is a whole variety of options available at the moment, you should spend some time trying to figure out which option would best suit your bathing room. Recently, small tiles have been very popular but you do have to bear in mind the fact that they might be slightly more expensive to fit. Then it is time for choosing your bathroom gear. Again, you shouldn’t immediately go for the most popular options. The sanitary ware market is full of all sorts of options including those a bit less popular but maybe nicer. First of all, a typical compact design toilet is very functional but it slowly becomes old-fashioned. These days it is the wall-mounted units that are the most popular for two main reasons. Firstly, they occupy very little space inside your bathroom and, secondly, they look absolutely great. A decent looks is also what you should think of when choosing your shower enclosure. Sanitary ware manufacturers currently offer a dazzling variety of those which means you’re bound to pick one that suites you.


A decent bathroom style and design doesn’t have to mean taking for granted whatever big sanitary ware manufacturers offer. Instead, you should look for your own style by experimenting with colours and different pieces of sanitary ware equipment.

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