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Keeping it functional and practical

Keeping it functional and practical

Feb 1, 2014

Typically, most people are pretty much convinced that a good bathroom ought to be functional and practical above all. A popular belief involves a bathroom which is easy to use and very time efficient. According to statistics, we all tend to stay in bed up to the quite literally the last moment we can and that is exactly what makes us need time efficient bathrooms. The need to make up the lost time, as we just said, is very important but that isn’t the only important thing about a good bathroom. Experts believe that a good unit should be also energy efficient and pretty good to look at.In order to provide a substantial account of what a good bathroom should be, we mustn’t forget about the looks and energy efficiency. Even though most people put functionality and practicality in the first place, the remaining 2 qualities are very important as well. Therefore, let’s say a few words about such an ideal picture that includes all the 3 most desirable features of an ideal bathroom in order to see whether this combination is even possible to obtain in the so-called real world.

Pursuing the perfection

A drive for perfection has always been important for mankind. For centuries we have tried to achieve perfection in all ar3D_Wall_Hung_WC_Paneas of our lives with mixed results. When it comes to bathrooms and other sanitary ware items, though, the search for ideal solutions isn’t that new at all. Back in the olden days, for example, a bathroom had to be either good looking or practical. There wasn’t anything in between which made the whole situation a little bit more straightforward than it is nowadays. Speaking of the present times, though, we have to say that most sanitary ware manufacturers have gone down the same road by offering similar solutions. Most popular bathroom solutions of today incorporate a great deal of functionality but they take into account the fact that style and energy efficiency are very important, too. In other words, then, a good modern day bathroom is very functional which means that it must utilise clever pieces of sanitary ware equipment which take very little time to use and do not occupy a whole lot of space inside a bathing room. Mind you, the size of an average bathing room these days has decreased by a significant amount over the last decades. At the same time, though, many modern designs feature colours far more interesting that plain white or black. When we have a look at all sorts of catalogues, we immediately learn that colours such as orange, blue, red or green are commonly used these days because they liven up the whole bathroom. Finally, we should mention the fact that efficiency begins to play more and more important role because we count every penny these days when the economic crisis is still here.


A good modern day bathroom should incorporate a number of features. Those include practicality, functionality, a good design and a decent energy efficiency figures.

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