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New colours and new image

New colours and new image

Jun 21, 2013

Even a very good looking bathroom begins to look out of date in the course of time. Therefore, a lot of people are interested in restoring the old looks but they don’t quite seem to know how to do it. As it seems, a new set of bathroom colours is more than enough in order to bring back the feel of a brand-new bathing room straight away. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at a whole variety of possibilities and opportunities that a new paint gives.

The truth is that even the best looking bathroom becomes outdated in the course of time. Apparently, there’s simply no way to escape the passing time and the impact it has on bathroom walls and colours in general. Colours tend to fade as the time passes which means that once in every 5 years a new paint is needed in order to maintain a fresh bathroom look. Interestingly enough, when planning a new bathroom paint it is often useful to think of other colour shades because the particular atmosphere of a given bathroom depends greatly on the colour selection.

Changing the bathroom atmosphere

A couple of years ago, the entire bathroom industry was fascinated with bright and lively colours which are known for creating a very specific bathroom atmosphere. According to experts, a typical scenario with bright colours in use implies an action-orientated atmosphere. In other words, then, this sort of colour arrangement creates a sense of inspirationGalerie_BTW_SemiRecessed by stimulating human brain to be more creative and innovative. Recently, however, the colours responsible for action and inspiration hasn’t really been that popular. Instead, there are increasing numbers of customers interested in ambient colours. Experts claim that a bathroom painted in beige, blue, green or grey offers a unique sense of relaxation which is very much sought after by modern day customers. What’s more, such a bathroom is said to immediately create a calmed down feeling which is precisely what millions of people wish to enjoy after a long and hard day at work. At this point it is important to add that a well-designed bathroom doesn’t imply only the right colour choice as far as walls and a ceiling are concerned. The ideal option includes pieces of furniture finished in a similar fashion as well which is capable of giving absolutely spectacular results. Experts believe that there shouldn’t be any colour clashes between the bathing room and the rest of the house. It is maintained that a very good design features similar colour shades everywhere so that the atmosphere continues no matter which room you’re in at any given moment.


As we have seen, bathroom colours can really change a lot. However, one should remember to approach the whole matter from the point of view of the whole house in order to obtain the best results.

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