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New bathroom decor for new times

New bathroom decor for new times

Sep 23, 2013

Even if you think your bathroom still looks great, the truth is it doesn’t. According to bathroom style and decor specialists, each and every bathroom looks wrong after about 10 years. And I don’t mean the natural wear but something much more serious. It actually turns out that everything related to the style and design issues changes very quickly and even as we speak there may be a new trend shaping somewhere. Therefore, let’s have a closer look at what it is that makes the best and most up to date bathroom scenario.

A lot of people perceive their bathrooms as having a far more important function than just a washing facility. Some people genuinely believe that having a bathroom that looks up to date is a very important thing because it actually makes a statement about them. At this stage it must be said that it is quite difficult to imagine what that statement might but they do take it very seriously. As a result, then, it appears that a bathing room that looks bang-up-to-date is a kind of a status symbol which says everyone that you’re a person that is interested in style, design and that you do spend some of your very precious time trying to keep up with the ever-changing way of style.

A bathroom that makes a statement

Ownership of a bathroom that does make a statement about you is very serious business. TherFlow-2-ensuiteefore, let’s say a few words about what such a status making bathroom should be equipped with. First of all, you must bear in mind that a modern day bathroom decor is definitely eco-orientated and that means there’s simply no place for a bathtub of any kind. Sadly, you’re not going to indulge in a relaxing bath in a hydro-massage tub because that would make an awful statement to the world. Instead, you are going to use a shower enclosure. The good news is that modern day shower enclosures do come with some fancy gadgets which make taking a shower a little bit more pleasant than it used to be years ago. For example, there are enclosures which feature electronically-operated temperature controls allowing you to specify exactly the right temperature that you fancy at any given moment. This means that you set the temperature just once and the system remembers your choice and adjust hot and cold water in such a way so that the outcome always matches the temperature of your choice. This being an eco-friendly bathroom, do make sure that you use a lot of green paint and preferably green tiles as well.


As we can see, arranging a bathroom in such a way so that it makes a nice statement to the world isn’t very easy and it certainly needs some effort to be made.

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