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Nature-inspired bathroom decor

Nature-inspired bathroom decor

Jul 28, 2015

More and more people begin to understand and realise the importance of a good bathroom decor. A bathroom decor that isn’t accidental or inconspicuous but purpose-designed and prominent. Therefore, it could be the case that a bathroom with plain white walls and white tiles on the floor doesn’t quite foot the bill any more. There are increasing numbers of customers interesting in getting something more than that. It is very little wonder, then, that they tend to look for bathroom decor inspiration sources everywhere. At this point it should be mentioned that some people look for inspiration and find it in nature.

A plain white bathroom has become insufficient these days as it doesn’t offer much in terms of bathroom decor. Apparently, customers want something more complex aesthetically and for this reason they are often on a quest to find their own source of design inspiration. Typically, a majority of inspiration seekers turn to nature for help. For example, tropical oceans are commonly chosen because they offer a wonderful variety of pastel colours. Given that, let’s see if it is possible to turn a typical bathroom into something that look more like a tropical island.

A tropical inspiration

People have always chosen images close to their heart which is why tropical island scenery is still a common choice among bathroom customers. It turns out that people like to have a whole variety of blue in their bathroom becauEnvy_Bathroomse it helps them bring back the memories or perhaps try to imagine what it must be like on such a remote island. Luckily enough, sanitary ware manufacturers offer a great choice of items reflecting this tropical style. For instance, it is currently possible to choose from a variety of the blue colours. The number of different shades is simply mind-boggling. The important thing is that one can not only get a blue paint but also blue tiles and bathroom lighting. Speaking of tiles, however, one has to bear in mind the fact that it is even possible to customise the design of the tiles. It is still possible, though, to browse through catalogue of products with thousands of options available including different shapes, designs, lengths and, obviously, colours. It is now time to speak of bathroom paint. Thanks to advanced computer technologies, maximal colour customisation is possible. Some stores even offer a service which can give an exact colour copy of an item provided to be scanned by the computer. The upshot is that any colour is possible and in no time at all. Finally, it is worth spending some time customising your bathroom lighting. LED technology allows for altering the colour temperature so that it is a perfect match with the rest of the bathroom.


A good bathroom decor requires taking colours seriously and choosing the right combination which results in the perfect blend of style and design.

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