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Modern day bathroom styles and designs

Modern day bathroom styles and designs

May 8, 2013

More and more bathroom manufacturers include very well-designed pieces of sanitary ware equipment into their product catalogues. Apparently, it has become fashionable to offer trendy styles and designs even at fairly affordable prices. Interestingly, the idea of a well-designed bathroom these days means functionality and practicality rather than ornamentation.

It is interesting to notice that there are increasing numbers of both customers willing to purchase well-designed pieces of bathroom equipment and manufacturers actually offering those products. As we know, the economy is driven by the law of supply and demand which means that if there’s demand for a particular item, there is always supply created by companies and manufacturers operating on the market. When it comes to the latest trends, it is striking that customers are no longer interested in art for art’s sake. Instead, everyone wants functionality and practicality to be available on the daily basis.

The design of practicality

Unlike the designs of the past which were predominantly interested in art and ornamentation but didBow_Quad_Straight_Onn’t really pay much attention to functionality, modern day bathroom designs are completely different in that respect. As opposed to an interest in ornamentation, these days we can definitely speak of pure functionality and practicality at all times. Apparently, the size of an average bathing room has rapidly decreased over the last couple of decades which means that there’s simply no room for excessive and opulent designs. Instead of those, customers are willing to buy pieces of bathroom equipment that are going to fit into those small bathrooms with ease. At the same time, it is very important that a fully-furnished bathroom remains functional on a daily basis. In other words, then, a typical bathtub is simply speaking out of the equation. The absence of bathtubs in modern designs doesn’t have anything to do with a poor functionality or a lack of pleasant experiences. In fact, a tub is not allowed because of the amount of space it occupies which plays a very important role especially in a small bathroom. Therefore, shower enclosures are often chosen as an alternative to tubs. As it turns out, they offer a similar functionality but with a lot of efficiency. For example, a typical showering unit uses less space than a tub and it also manages to be very water efficient at the same time.


The style and design of a contemporary bathroom are very unique. It turns out that efficiency and practicality are now far more important than pure aesthetics.

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