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Making sure everything stays functional

Making sure everything stays functional

Jun 2, 2014

People these days would like to have a very stylish bathroom that meets all the requirements of a practical unit, too. Apparently, there are increasing numbers of customers that are fed up with similar designs being recycled over and over again by major sanitary ware manufacturers. People want at least a little bit of individuality combined with the common sensual practicality and functionality on a daily basis. Therefore, let’s see if it is at all possible to come up with such a design that would incorporate the two above-mentioned features.

It is quite interesting to notice that there are more and more customers willing to look at something else rather than just price. As it turns out, the number of design-conscious customers is growing even as we speak. Customers no longer want some stock designs taken from a major sanitary ware manufacturer’s catalogue. What they want is something a little bit more individual. In other words, then, more and more customers wish to have their say when it comes to a bathroom design they’re about to choose. Given that, we should try and find out what it is that makes a perfect bathroom design capable of combining both functionality and individual style.

An individual functionality

Obtaining a functional bathroom that would have at least some signs of an individual style isn’t very difficult at alGeo6_Quadl. Sometimes it is a good idea to begin with a critical analysis of what’s in the catalogues. According to experts, one doesn’t have to become a bathroom designer straight away in order to get a nice bathroom. First of all, you need to notice what it is that you like about stock bathroom ideas and what it is that you don’t. Typically, most of the things in catalogues are pretty much acceptable which leaves just a couple of things to improve. Speaking of improvements, it is very important to think of practicality and functionality. For example, we do recommend choosing a very special type of bathroom furniture. It is a well-known fact that no bathroom is big enough which means there’s always bound to be a problem with storage room. Given that, we do recommend choosing bathroom cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. When you’re able to use all the height of your room, you can be sure that no square inches are wasted unnecessarily.  Then there’s the choice shower enclosure vs. bathtub. In most cases, you won’t be able to afford a bathtub and a shower enclosure in one bathroom. Therefore, you need to make a choice. At this stage we do recommend a shower enclosure which is not only more economical than a tub but also it uses way less of your precious bathroom space which makes it more efficient and practical as well.


A functional and practical bathroom that takes into account your individual preferences isn’t that difficult to get hold of. As usual, you need to remember to keep things simple and functional at all times.

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