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Make it functional or leave it alone

Make it functional or leave it alone

Nov 25, 2014

In most cases, a bathing room needs to be functional above all. It appears that a majority of bathrooms located in flats and smallish apartments is a bit down on space. In particular, we can definitely speak of storage space shortage which is often a serious problem that cannot be simply overlooked. Therefore, we’re going to focus on making even a small bathroom unit very functional. At the same time, though, it is worth noting that a very good functionality doesn’t have to rule out style and design. In fact, according to experts, these qualities can work together in order to produce an excellent bathroom that is good to use on a daily basis.

A functional bathroom is what each and every bathroom store customer dreams about. Apparently, it is not particularly easy to pull off the trick of turning your average bathroom into a practical and functional unit. One needs an individual approach and some spare time in order to prepare the design. Of course, it is always possible to hire a professional but most people tend to choose to go on their own.

Functionality and style

The combination of the two above-mentioned qualities turns out to be possible to achieve. We’re going to discuss a small bathroom scenario because it is far more challenging and rewarding at the same time. A small bathroom would Integrity_SemiRecess_Basinseem to be a bad call if you want functionality or style. However, according to a bunch of experts, the size doesn’t matter too much as far as the two qualities are concerned. What matters, however, is the way we approach the subject. First of all, we do need to make sure that we don’t use any unnecessary items. For example, we are better off without a bathtub because it occupies way too much space. A typical bathtub is known for offering extreme comfort and relaxation but just because it is too large, we cannot fit one into our functional and stylish bathroom. If we did, we wouldn’t have any space left for other things such as washbasin, toilet or bathroom storage units. A small bathroom wants to be very careful with the number of sanitary ware units that are to be installed. Do we really need a bidet or such a large washbasin? Mostly, we could do without them and the space that can be saved by choosing a minimalistic scheme of things. This is about time we mentioned the efficiency of energy-saving sanitary ware products. For example, we can make our bathroom even more functional by fitting it with a water saving tap and a toilet which features a 2-way flushing system. In case of the toilet, we do not need to flush the entire cistern capacity and that amounts to a serious saving in the long run. Water-efficient taps are equally good at saving water which directly translates into saving money.


A small bathroom can be indeed functional and stylish. Speaking of functionality, a number of recommendations need to be observed in order to get everything just about right.

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