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Liven up your bathroom

Liven up your bathroom

Oct 23, 2013

Many people make this mistake and forget about making their bathrooms look nice. For all sorts of reasons, most of us are interested in pure functionality and we often forget that the looks is also important.  Luckily, though, it appears that turning your dull but practical bathroom into an exciting and practical one isn’t very difficult at all. First of all, you need to abandon the traditional approach to bathroom colours. Instead of a plain white or other white-ish shades you’re very much encouraged to experiment a bit and come up with a set of colours that matches your bathroom.

At first sight, though, it may indeed appear to be very difficult to deal with bathroom colours. Even the very name of the activity in question sounds like it requires some almost supernatural skills. However, as it turns out it is none of those things. Dealing with your bathroom colours shouldn’t be a problem at all. Apparently, what you need to do is to find a colour scheme that would make your bathroom look at least a little bit exciting. Interestingly enough, you don’t have to go for bright or screaming colours at all. Sometimes it is enough to use a nice shade of green or blue in order to get the effect you’re after.

The perfect colour blend

Instead of choosing white, please do take into consideration other colours. As I said earlier on, it doesn’t have to be screaming red or pink. Style and design experts believe that even a small bathroom in a flat can be arranged in sFlow_Cloakroomuch a way so that it can look absolutely gorgeous. At this stage it should be mentioned that this is not a matter of particular pieces of sanitary ware equipment installed in your bathroom. In fact, everything is all about colours. Right colours. Typically, shades of green are perfect for starters. Therefore, if you’re not ready to go berserk with your new colour scheme, please begin your experiments with the green. Of course, don’t think even for a second that there’s one and only shade of green allowed. The truth is you can go for any shade you possibly like. However, we do not recommend choosing dark shades because they just can’t liven up the interior of your bathroom and that is exactly what we want to achieve here. With that in mind, try using light shades of green on bathroom walls and the ceiling as well. What’s more, you can consider replacing your tiles, too. A perfect colour match can only be achieved when both walls and tiles feature a similar colour scheme. If you choose to go for green, you’re also encouraged to get yourself a plant and fern would be most appropriate here.


Choosing the right colours for your bathroom proves to be even more important than your pieces of bathroom gear. If you get the colours right, you’ll inevitable end up with an exciting and lively bathroom.

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