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Interesting bathroom styles and designs

Interesting bathroom styles and designs

Jun 5, 2013

These days it is really difficult to come up with something absolutely unique and groundbreaking as far as innovations in a bathroom are concerned. Apparently, a vast majority of bathroom products currently offered by major sanitary ware companies are very similar as far as efficiency and aesthetics are concerned. Therefore, a well-chosen bathroom design nowadays means making a very good use of your particular bathroom layout.

We can’t really count on very innovative bathroom solutions to be invented at the moment. As it turns out, what we already have at our disposal is pretty sophisticated when it comes to innovation. Interestingly enough, the idea of an innovative bathroom has been given a completely new and surprising meaning over the last couple of years. Instead of indicating some avant-garde solutions which don’t have much in common with everyday use, recent pieces of sanitary ware equipment with the innovative label offer excellent functionality and a very serious user-friendliness.

A user-friendly bathing room

Recently, the idea of a user-friendly bathroom has become very important for all major sanitary ware manuH8_DShape_Bow_2011facturers. As it turns out, customers expect their bathroom products to function very well on a daily basis. In order to ensure the best possible practicality and functionality, some of the avant-garde bathroom solutions have to be dropped. Apparently, it is no longer possible to have a large bathtub and still expect a very good water efficiency. The reality is very cruel in this respect and a user-friendly bathroom just has to come with a shower enclosure in order to guarantee a satisfactory running water usage. However, at this stage it must be mentioned that a shower enclosure gives plenty of room for user customisation and individualisation. For example, then, it is absolutely fine to choose different shapes and sizes as far as shower tray, doors and walls are concerned. Having this unique possibility to specify each and every element of a shower enclosure gives one full control over the looks of the bathroom. What’s more, a user-friendly bathroom should also treat design and aesthetics very seriously. Therefore, only pastel colour shades are recommended and bright colours such as red, orange or yellow are definitely unwelcome. According to a recent survey, a typical bathroom customer expects the bathroom to give a relaxing feel of a calmed down bathing experience and pastel and ambient colours are capable of delivering exactly that feeling.


A user-friendly bathroom design should be practical and functional in the first place. Then it is vital to remember about choosing pastel and ambient colours in order to obtain a feel of relaxation inside the bathroom.

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