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Interesting bathroom designs and styles

Interesting bathroom designs and styles

Mar 12, 2013

Opinion polls easily conclude that bathroom customers usually look for a big and spacious bathroom because they believe those two conditions have to give a practical and functional bathing room. However, according to experts dealing with bathroom designs and styles, the above-mentioned statements shouldn’t always be taken for granted. As it seems, even a narrow bathroom with the right layout and bathroom products fitted can be very practical in spite of its relatively small size.

Even though the size of an average bathroom has significantly decreased down the years, a majority of people still believe that only big and spacious rooms can offer a decent practicality and functionality on a daily basis. However, as it turns out, the change in the size of an average bathrooms has also triggered intensified studies regarding the optimal use of the area that still is at our disposal. Thanks to numerous studies that have been conducted over the years we now have a whole range of space efficicornerent products which are perfect for those bathrooms that lack a little bit in the space department.

Thinking outside the box

Having significantly less space to work with, one needs to know exactly what sort of bathroom products are needed and why. Therefore, it usually pays off to prepare a detailed plan of your new bathing room which includes both the layout and the choice of particular products. When it comes to choosing particular bathroom products, though, one often has to think outside the box in that unconventional solutions may be needed as opposed to regular ones. A compact toilet is a perfect example of saving up space without compromising any of the functionality it has. What’s even more, in order to achieve the best possible space efficiency, one is advised to go for a compact corner toilet which is even better at saving as much space as possible. Thanks to the fact that it can actually be fitted in a corner of your bathroom, you manage to use the space to the fullest extent without even a square inch worth of bathroom area wasted. When it comes to other bathroom components, items like a vanity unit and a shower enclosure are also very much recommended for the same reason. A vanity unit features both a washbasin and some storage space underneath and a shower enclosure uses considerably less space than any bathtub which in itself is a wonderful feature.


We’ve seen that a small bathing room doesn’t mean a badly made or designed bathing room. On the contrary, with a little bit of clever thinking it is possible to arrive at a functional and practical bathroom in no time at all.

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