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Increased functionality and amazing style

Increased functionality and amazing style

Aug 18, 2015

A bathroom has to serve a number of functions these days. Not only does it have to be a functional facility which is user-friendly and economical but also more and more customers expect it to be great to look at and to be in. Given that, the practical aspect has to meet somewhere the aesthetics and work together in harmony. Luckily, this appears to be possible thanks to the fact that more and more bathroom equipment manufacturers offer a choice of extremely interesting products which were designed with all the above-mentioned qualities in mind.

As we said earlier, a bathroom needs to combine a number of features in order to succeed these days. Customers don’t want just a good looking bathroom which would be a nightmare to use. Instead, they want an excellent-looking room with all the functionalities of a modern-day facility such as energy efficient sanitary ware products or plenty of storage space. Taking all those features into account, let’s try and determine whether or not such a combination is possible to obtain.

The perfect bathroom combination

Indeed, that’s what we want to achieve here, i.e. the perfect combination of functionality with equally good style and design. Although it may appear a pretty tall order, but it certainly is possible to achieve. First of all, though, we need to know what it is exactly that we expect of our new bathroom. Then we need to bear in mind the size and other physical limitations each and every bathroom has. Having analysed all the above issues, we can proceed to the planning and designing stage. If a bathroom that we have at our disposal is fairly big, then we don’t have to worry about too many things. In fact, we don’t even have to choose between a tub and a shower enclosure because the two will 3D_Main_Setprobably fit in very well. Mind you, this is often a very serious source of problems. A shower enclosure is far more practical than a tub because it manages to use way less water and showering takes just a couple of minutes. However, there’s one thing that even the best shower enclosure just can’t do and that is a long and relaxing bath after a hard day at work. Luckily, if your bathroom is big enough, you no longer have to make such decisions. Speaking of style and design, it is important to mention the fact that there is currently available a whole variety of paint colours and tile designs to choose from. These means it is even possible to come up with a wildlife-inspired bathroom design which would be a very good complement to a fully practical and functional bathroom. What’s more, that is exactly what would make this perfect blend of functionality and style and for that reason we wholeheartedly recommend experimenting with different styles and decor options in order to find the one that takes your fancy.


It turns out that combining functionality, style and beautiful bathroom decor is possible and not that difficult to achieve.

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