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Important bathroom features

Important bathroom features

Jun 6, 2013

Features of a modern day bathroom are clearly specified by customers. Apparently, they expect bathrooms to be functional and practical in the first place. Due to all sorts of reasons, the size of an average bathroom has significantly decreased which means that every little square inch of bathroom are counts. Little wonder, then, customers are in for those bathroom products which are very conservative as far as the use of bathroom area.

A typical modern day bathroom is much smaller than an average bathroom from 2 or 3 decades ago. As is turns out, customers are interested mainly in cheap housing which means that architects have to be very strict when it comes to living area allocation. Instead of having big and spacious bathrooms, it is much more convenient to have a larger living room and, sadly, smaller bathing room. Luckily, almost all big sanitary war manufacturers offer space efficient products which can deal with a shortage of bathroom area in your flat.

Functional means efficient

A typical bathroom scenario these days involves a tiny little bathroom which can’t possibly be arranged acco3D_Furniture_detailrding to the rules of the past. Instead, one has to use a very clever bathroom idea which can make even a very small bathroom perfectly functional. However, in order for the above-mentioned bathroom arrangement to work, one needs to choose space efficient pieces of bathroom equipment including both sanitary ware and furniture products. When it comes to pieces of sanitary ware equipment, it is a very good idea to think outside the box and get a shower enclosure instead of a regular bathtub. As it turns out, a typical bathtub is very poor at saving water and loses badly to any shower enclosure. A shower unit, on the other hand, occupies only a very small amount of bathroom area in your room and it is also capable of using much less water than a tub. It is actually estimated that a showering unit that is used consciously can save up to 40% of water which is a terrific result. Then it is time to think of space and water efficient toilet units. Especially when a single bathroom is used by all family members many times a day, an efficient toilet is a terrific solution. Because of using a very innovative, 2-stage flushing system, the toilet allows the user to have a full control as far as running water usage goes. A similar principle applies to bathroom furniture which should ideally consist of floor-standing units which offer a great loading capacity.


A functional bathroom these days should be very efficient because that’s precisely what customers want.

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