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Great colours and even better functionality

Great colours and even better functionality

Jun 3, 2014

A typical bathroom set involves rather average colours such as grey, white or beige. According to a recent survey, there are more and more people who want something more interesting than that. Apparently, more and more customer long for something more colourful and awe-inspiring than the standard bathroom white. In order to achieve that, customers ten to go for lively colours and often bright shades. It seems like they will do anything in order to just break from the boring bathroom white. However, at this point we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that some brave colour decisions may not be the best and it is always sensible to remember about functionality no matter which colour scheme is chosen.

Most bathing rooms come with colours that aren’t motivating or inspiring. The stereotypical bathroom white or beige is just a colour so that you can’t see concrete on the walls. However, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. There is a whole variety of colour options available which means there’s plenty options to choose from. For example, we recommend pastel colours such as blue, light green, orange or turquoise. These colours are known for being exceptionally calming down. At the same time they manage to boost your creativity as well as motivation. However, this is not the end of the colour list that you should be interested in.

Awesome colours and functionality

As we said earlier, pastel colours are recommended if want to make your bathroom a nice place to be. ShGeo6_2_Panel_OBS_2011ades of blue, green or turquoise creating a soothing atmosphere in which you can actually hear your own thoughts. At this point we should make it very clear that although some people recommend colours such as red, black, pink or other bright shades, we wouldn’t be just that liberal with the colour choice. It may seem that those more aggressive colours have a slightly better stimulating function but in the long run the mild colours win. Colours, though, are not everything. You may have the best and most carefully chosen colours and still fail at obtaining an ideal bathroom design unless you take into account other aspects as well. In particular, we do recommend that you think of your bathroom gear very seriously. According to experts, even the best colours just won’t help if the rest isn’t exactly up to scratch. Efficiency and functionality are equally important as colours and for that reason you mustn’t forget about choosing the right bathroom gear. For instance, please have a look at a variety of bathtubs and toilets currently available. If you cannot decide which one to go for, there’s a possibility of having both within the same bathroom. You don’t even have to waste your bathroom area to do that. All you need to get is bathtub fitted with a couple of screens which work magnificently as shower walls. Then there’s just a matter of fitting a shower head and you’re done with your bathtub-shower hybrid.


As it turns out, colours aren’t everything but they’re just about equally important as a well-chosen set of bathroom gear.

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