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Getting to grips with new bathroom colours

Getting to grips with new bathroom colours

Sep 15, 2014

There are indeed more and more customers looking for a bathing room that would be both very good to look at and very practical at the same time. However, it appears that the definition of bathroom colours have changed significantly over the past years which means there are new trends that need further explanation. In this blog entry, we’re going to focus on contemporary bathroom colours and their impact on how a modern day bathroom looks.

The perfect bathroom design simply can’t do without the right set of colours. Colours in a modern day bathroom define its character and surely contribute to creating a unique picture of style and design. Given that, we do need to take colours very seriously even though we don’t want to create a very serious impression. First of all, we should try and find a match between pieces of sanitary ware equipment and the colours that are about to be used. Only if the match has been found, we can possibly speak of a successful bathroom design.

Colours that control your bathroom

As we said earlier, colours have a very serious impact on the overall bathroom design. It is of paramount importance that there’s a match between bathroom colours and the colour of sanitary ware products fitted in a given bathroom. In order to get thFlow-2-ensuitee match we’re talking about here, we do need to have a rather serious approach. Mind you, tiny little alterations to the colours we’re about to choose can make a helluva difference. In particular, if our bathroom is to be nice and bright but at the same time still very functional, we do not recommend using fluorescent colours which surely look very spectacular but they just don’t go together with functionality very well. Instead, light shades of blue, yellow, green and orange are very good at making the bathroom interior bright without compromising the common-sensual character of the whole thing. We furthermore recommend taking your time with the bathroom. It is very easy to make an action that can’t be reversed or it can be but it requires a lot of time and effort to do so. The ideal scenario would involve preparing a plan of what is going to be done and how. Having a plan allows us to supervise the whole process on every stage without having to make decisions while blindfolded. Sometimes it even pays off to pick an expert’s brains in order to make sure we’re on the right path. Apparently, it is also very easy to make an absurd decision when we’re not sure if we know what we’re actually doing.


A colourful bathroom is a real challenge. However, if we approach the subject systematically and methodologically with a plan, we can be sure of the outcome in the form of a nice and functional bathroom.

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