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Functionality of a modern bathroom

Functionality of a modern bathroom

Mar 28, 2013

Unlike the bathrooms of the past, a modern day bathroom is all about functionality and practicality. There seems to be absolutely no room for art for art’s sake at all. Every single element that contributes to the look of a modern bathroom has to be functionality-orientated. Design and colours, however, aren’t totally forgotten but their role seems to be of rather secondary importance. If anything, they are meant to enhance the functionality rather than compromise it.

Bathrooms of the past used to approach the functionality aspect in a slightly different way than it is done nowadays. Back in the day a good bathroom meant a very well-styled bathroom which had all the glitz and glamour of the world. Silver or even golden-finished bathroom fittings were considered a form of status symbol and no one actually looked at the practical or functional aspect at all. These days, on the other hand, the stress is definitely on functionality with the style and design playing a less important part in the overall concept of a bathroom. However, that is not to say colours and style is completely forgotten.

Functionality above all

Contemporary bathrooms are all about practicality instead of featuring gold or silver just aKp-N89gQmnpAnGsoMiNJo1w5iw-n8sV3eWJoTuNyGIcs their predecessors did. Function is defined as the most important aspect of any modern bathing room partly because people simply don’t have enough time to admire the stylistic details but mostly because we no longer expect bathrooms to be works of art. The definition of a perfect bathroom usually consists of practicality above all and a tiny bit of the aesthetic side. The aesthetics shouldn’t be by any means in the first place. It should certainly be there but play second fiddle to functionality. In particular, the choice of colours should not attract attention but it should create a good impression of a pleasant interior. Depending on individual requirements, it can be blue, green or even brown. Speaking of functionality, however, this is what should take centre stage in a modern bathroom. Every single piece of sanitary ware equipment ought to be useful and efficient. For instance, many customers decide to choose space and water saving solutions which are the pinnacle of practicality in a bathroom.


A bathroom these days should be functional above all. The aesthetics is also important but it shouldn’t by any means take centre stage and cover the functionality and practicality.

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