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Functionality of a disabled-friendly bathroom

Functionality of a disabled-friendly bathroom

Apr 17, 2013

It is a fairly popular belief that a disabled-friendly bathroom requires a lot of time and effort as far as installation goes. However, according to experts the above statement is far from being true. It appears that turning a typical bathroom into a disabled-friendly one is fairly simple and it doesn’t need any extraordinary measures to be taken. What’s more, this type of a bathroom is more practical than many so-called normal bathtubs because it features a number of safety features that make life easier.

There are indeed many misunderstandings regarding the true nature of disabled-friendly bathrooms. Apparently, there are still people who are likely to believe that those bathrooms require an awful lot of trouble and effort in order to serve their function properly. Recently, however, there have been numerous social campaigns trying to debunk all the myths as far as disabled-friendly bathing rooms are concerned. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at what it really is that makes a good bathroom with the functionalities for disabled.

Simplicity above all

Contrary to the popular belief, a disabled-friendly bathroom doesn’t have to involve any substantial changes at the structural level of the bathroom. For some reason people tend to think that the number of changes that have to be donFaqE-Hfg1hzKZubyDLDYJMVlI-YYNAC3Pi7AtrmMKP0e is beyond belief. As it turns out, however, a disabled-friendly bathroom doesn’t require any of the above-mentioned things. In fact, it is just a matter of getting a number of very simple and cheap items which do the job perfectly. First of all, a disabled-friendly bathroom has to have grab rails. Those rails are fitted to a wall in order to ensure additional safety and stability. The interesting things is, though, those grab rails work perfectly not only in a bathing room used by disabled people. It turns out that the able bodied vastly benefit from having something to hold on to. Another very important part of a disabled-friendly bathroom is a shower seat. These days almost all bathing rooms feature a showering enclosure which assumes standing up while taking a shower and that can be difficult for those with balance disorders. Having a seat solves all these problems. Just like in the case of grab rails, a seat also works very well when used by the able bodied.


As we have seen, a disabled-friendly bathroom doesn’t require any efforts of extraordinary nature. What’s more, the items that make a disabled-friendly bathroom prove to b very functional and practical, too.

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