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Functionality matters a lot

Functionality matters a lot

Oct 30, 2014

A modern-day bathroom is clearly all-about functionality. However, we do maintain that it is possible to keep up a functional bathing room that manages to be fairly stylish as well. There are more and more sanitary ware manufacturers that offer a great variety of bathroom products designed to be functional and stylish at the same time. What’s more, it is becoming more and more popular to have exactly that kind of bathroom. Given that, we’re going to focus on how to come up with a design that manages to join stylishness and perfect functionality.

A bathroom is a very important part of each and every house or appartment. As it actually turns out, it may even be more important than your bedroom or living room. A bathroom is a place that you have to use at least a couple of times every day. In order to be satisfied, the bathroom of your choice should have features pointing at both functionality and stylishness. Back in the olden days, however, it was believed that the above-mentioned combination cannot be achieved at all. Now, though, things have changed and such a combination is not anything extraordinary at all.

The perfect combination

For the perfect combination to work in practice, we do need to approach the subject matter very seriously. Not only do we need to be very consistent but we also need to take into account a number of issues that may emerge at this very stage. First of all, speaking of the design consistency, it is of paramount importance that the same design approach is uGalerie_Plan_overhead_basinsed at all times when dealing with one bathroom unit. For example, when ambient paint has been chosen to colour the walls, we do need to stick with this colour as far as both wall and floor tiles are concerned in order for the whole thing to make a good visual impression. Mind you, it is impossible to get a satisfactory result without a good visual impression. Then there’s functionality. Of course, colour consistency is important but to get the most of the design when it comes to practicality, we do need to think a bit harder. According to experts, a functional bathroom is when it’s easy and time-efficient. In other words, then, we do recommend fitting a shower enclosure instead of a bathtub simply because showering takes fewer minutes. Then there’s the stylish aspect of the more efficient showering unit. Many designers genuinely believe that a a decent-looking shower enclosure quite simply looks a million dollars and there’s got to be something to it whereas a bathtub simply looks old-fashioned.


It turns out that a functional and stylish bathroom is possible to achieve. What’s more, it isn’t very difficult when the right approach is taken.

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