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Functionality is what matters most of all

Functionality is what matters most of all

Apr 28, 2015

In spite of the size of a bathroom it is always important to remember about the functional aspect. According to experts, a good bathroom should always be interested in delivering the functionality and practicality because that’s what most people need. After all, we all use bathrooms in a little bit of a hurry. It is just important to think of the so-called morning rush hour that inevitably happens every day when 2 or more people want to use the bathroom at the same time. Everyone wants to get it done as soon as possible in order not to be late for work or school. This is exactly when we get to the core of the problem. A bathroom can only work efficiently if it was designed with functionality in mind. Therefore, it is sometimes important to treat the functional aspect with greater priority than other things such as exquisite style or design.

Everyone wants a functional bathroom. That’s a given. However, very few people actually realise how a functional bathroom is born. In this entry, we’re going to focus on describing the true nature of a functional and yet pretty good-looking bathroom. Experts believe, interestingly, it is possible to achieve a design that is pretty good at functionality and not so bad in terms of aesthetics. This is really excellent news for those scared of sacrificing the looks for the sake of practicality. Given that, let’s get to the point and see what’s what.

A practical and yet pretty nice place to be

A modern day bathroom is a fairly complex device designed to be very efficient and it needs to be fairly good-looking, too. Those are 2 self-contradictory features at the first sight. However, if we get to the bottom of this issue, it turns out that it Galerie_Plan_WH-WC_2011doesn’t have to be so. A functional bathroom means these days a bathroom that doesn’t take long to use. In other words, then, we don’t really recommend fitting old-fashioned bathtubs for 2 main reasons. First of all, they are far too large for modern day bathrooms and that renders them almost useless. Their considerable size can also be a serious problem when it comes to energy efficiency. Large units use really much water to be filled to brim which is bad for water economy. Especially, when a bathroom is used by a large family, then the cost of running water becomes a serious issue. In order to avoid that, we recommend fitting a shower enclosure fitted with water saving sanitary ware equipment. It is estimated that one can save up to 50% by using a shower enclosure instead of a bathtub. Apart from that, we also recommend fitting compact or wall-hung toilet units equipped with water efficient flushing system. The idea is that there are 2 flushing buttons instead of just one. A small button is used to use about 30% of the total capacity and the other button uses everything there is in the cistern. In terms of design, though, there’s nothing to worry about. Most sanitary ware manufacturers offer excellent-looking products which make your bathroom look cool.


A functional bathroom clearly requires a specific approach in order to ensure excellent functionality and absolutely acceptable aesthetics.

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