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Functionality in a smaller bathroom

Functionality in a smaller bathroom

Jul 3, 2013

Large bathrooms are traditionally known to be fairly easy to arrange. Apparently, the sheer amount of space available in a big bathroom almost guarantees a successful outcome. However, when it comes to slightly smaller bathroom units, thing don’t look so bright. Due to the fact that there’s a very strict space limitation, one has to be very careful when arranging a small bathroom. What’s more, experts recommend using only space efficient products which were especially designed to be fitted in small units.

A typical belief involving bathroom arrangements is very strict when it comes to smaller bathroom units. It is believed that a potentially small bathroom can’t possibly be any good when it comes to arrangement process. Indeed, the sheer size of those smaller units introduces a number of limitations but everything’s possible with the right approach. All major bathroom companies offer space efficient products that were especially designed with small bathrooms in mind. In particular, there is a range of products which are very different than regular bathroom products in that they take up very little bathroom space. With that in mind let’s see how those efficient pieces of bathroom equipment work in practice.

The power of efficiency

Efficiency has become a very important idea over the last decades. Apparently, every single aspect of Alcona_AR1148_5human life needs to be efficient because we’re about to run out of all sorts of resources. It turns out that pretty much the same principle is at work when it comes to the sanitary ware industry. Let’s just take a small bathroom which due to its space limitations cannot be arranged effectively using regular bathroom solutions. However, there are still many options available which are bound to work just fine in spite of physical limitations. Efficient pieces of bathroom equipment were especially designed in order to be fitted in small bathroom units which have very little area available. The efficiency of those products has a lot to do with the way they were designed. Apparently, in order to occupy as little area as possible, the manufacturers of space efficient bathroom products had to redesign them completely. For example, a typical space efficient toilet consists of a cistern and a toilet bowl just like any odd toilet unit. However, in case of a compact toilet we’ve got the cistern located directly on top of the bowl which means that the whole unit can be located as near the wall as possible. And this sort of bathroom arrangement saves space which can be later on used for, for instance, storage purposes.


A functionality these days is believed to be all about efficiency. As a result, even potentially small bathrooms can be arranged in a very good manner.

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