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Functionality in a modern day bathroom

Functionality in a modern day bathroom

May 16, 2013

A recent opinion poll has revealed that a vast majority of bathroom customers prefer functionality and practicality to exquisite style or design. As it seems, people are interested in making their bathrooms as functional as possible and that is for a very good reason. Apparently, the average size of a bathroom has radically decreased over the last couple of years which means that each and every piece of bathroom gear has to be efficient and functional in order to ensure a satisfactory result.

If we take into account the fact that modern day bathrooms aren’t quite as big and spacious as their predecessors used to be, the fact that customers are predominantly interested in functional and practical bathrooms doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Apparently, a small bathroom is particularly challenging when it comes to all sorts of bathroom arrangements and that is precisely why almost all major sanitary ware manufacturers offer exactly the right products for the job. Thanks to years devoted to development and research, it has actually been possible to come up with a whole range of both space and energy efficient bathroom products.

Functional means efficient

Functionality these days definitely means efficiency. Customers are particularly keen on th1_Rimfree_toilet_flushingose products that treat their pockets with care. According to experts, a set of energy efficient pieces of sanitary ware gear is capable of cutting down on running water consumption by a significant amount. In particular, a water efficient toilet actually allows the user to have a full control over the amounts of water that are flushed always every time the toilet’s been used. A 2-stage flushing system gives a possibility to take advantage of the whole capacity of the cistern or just one thirds of it. Depending on a particular situation, then, one is able to have a control over the water that gets dumped. Also, a rim free toilet bowl design vastly contributes to increasing the water efficiency of the whole set. Due to the lack of the typical toilet rim, the water stream manages to reach all parts of the rim. At the same time it must be mentioned that a rim free design manages to use up to 30% less water than the conventional rim designs. Apart from energy efficiency there’s also space efficiency. A good idea as far as space efficiency involves getting a showering enclosure which makes use of the vertical area which is excellent for the overall space efficiency. Also, one should try fitting a compact toilet or even a wall-mounted one for maximum space efficiency in a bathroom.


A functional bathroom clearly indicates an efficient and customer-friendly bathroom unit that takes into account all the limitations and manages to succeed against all odds.

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