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Functionality in a modern bathroom

Functionality in a modern bathroom

Aug 26, 2014

A modern day bathroom should be functional and practical, above all. Apparently, customers have already got used to solutions that ensure an easy use. Therefore, sanitary ware manufacturers tend to adjust to the requirements ad and offer more and more products which pay a lot of attention to practicality. In other words, then, modern day bathrooms feature only those solutions that contribute to a better functionality without paying too much attention to qualities such as over-the-top aesthetics and similar.

According to a recent opinion poll, customers have really grown attached to functionality and practicality of modern-day arrangements that they aren’t willing to abandon these aspects of modern-day life even in favour of over-the-top aesthetics. It seems that a bathroom these days is no longer a piece of art made for the art sake but it needs to offer a set of tangible functionalities. What’s more, the number of functionalities that have to be delivered to a more and more demanding customer is constantly growing. Given that, let’s see what it is that makes a modern-day functional bathroom and whether or not there’s some room available for aesthetics.

The power of practical aspects

A modern-day bathroom, as we said, need to comply to a number of requirements concerning the nature oGeo6_Quadrant_480px_2011f the qualities it delivers. First of all, it needs to give the owner a sense of reliability by offering increased functionality and practicality. In other words, then, it always needs to be when it is needed. For instance, a typical modern bathroom will feature a shower enclosure rather than a bathtub because choosing a shower enclosure is much more sensible these days. A shower enclosure is believed to have numerous advantages over a bathtub which is why customers tend to choose showering facilities over tubs. Speaking of those advantages, though, it is necessary to remember that a showering enclosure will always give you a better running water consumption because it doesn’t have to be filled up with water every time it is used. Then it is all about time efficiency, too. Taking a full bath takes forever and that is exactly what modern day people don’t have. People live in a constant hurry these days which means they need to spend in a bathroom as little time as possible. A shower enclosure, then, beats a bathtub hands down. Speaking of overall bathroom aesthetics, it must be concluded that a modern day bathroom should also be a nice place to be in. It is precisely for this reason that customers choose ambient colours such as blue, green or violet. According to numerous studies, these colours help to create a very relaxing atmosphere which is exactly what most of us want.


Although a modern-day bathroom is obsessed with functionality and practicality, it turns out that there’s still some room for aesthetics which help to make a bathroom a better place to be.

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