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Functionalities of a modern bathroom

Functionalities of a modern bathroom

Apr 2, 2013

These days we definitely live in a very interesting era of accuracy and efficiency. Everything has to have a strictly defined function and form leaving absolutely no room for random actions. Exactly the same principle appears to be at work in a modern bathroom which now has to be functional and practical above all. Given that, let’s have a closer look at what it exactly is that makes a bathing room have precisely those two qualities.

One really can’t help noticing that these days there’s absolutely no room for anything random. Today every single thing, as we said, has to have it’s strictly defined purpose. If it doesn’t have a very well-defined purpose, it is simply abandoned and forgotten. It turns out that a kind of similar trend appears to have struck the sanitary ware industry as well. Customers demand sanitary ware products and pieces of furniture that are practical and functional. They’re convinced that they pay for an item which has to meet up to their requirements. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Functionality above all

A bathing room, then, hrimfreeas been switched from being a facility with an occasional glimpse of art or design into a fully practical and always ready to go sort of thing. Little wonder, then, all sanitary ware manufacturers begin to be fully focused on efficiency and practicality in order to attract as many customers as possible. As a consequence, a whole range of functional sanitary ware products has been developed and it is currently on sale. We’ve got everything that might possibly be needed in a modern and functional bathroom. First of all, there is a concept of an energy efficient toilet. The energy efficiency is achieved as a result of two main design features, namely the 2-stage flushing system and a rimfree toilet bowl. Speaking of the first, the user can actually choose whether to dump the whole capacity of the cistern or just a fraction of it. Depending on a particular need, then, it is possible to save quite a lot of water on macro level. Secondly, there’s the rimfree bowl design. In a nutshell, a bowl that has no traditional rim is capable of flushing quicker, cleaner and more efficient than the standard design. Apart from energy efficient toilets there are also water saving taps which automatically shut down the water flow when you’re not actually using it.


We’ve seen that the functional aspect plays a key role in a modern day bathing room. Thanks to some technologically advanced design features, it has been possible to achieve considerable energy efficiency which defines practicality best of all.

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