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Functional bathroom in the traditional style

Functional bathroom in the traditional style

Dec 29, 2015

There are many customers out there willing to get their bathrooms to be as functional as possible. For it is often the case that modern day bathrooms are small and there isn’t actually enough space to arrange the room according to one’s individual preferences. Luckily, there are still professionals out there who know what should be done in order to achieve a certain result. Given that, we’re going to discuss here some ideas designed to make every bathroom functional and practical regardless of its actual size. So please stay tuned if you want to know how to transform your bathroom into a nice place to be.

Unfortunately, more and more of contemporary bathrooms offer very little space inside and that can often be a major problem. Because the available space is very scarce, people have difficulties squeezing all the bathroom equipment not to mention the remaining bathroom accessories such as hairdryers, spare shower gel bottles or toothpastes. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain a decent degree of functionality even when the amount of available space is pitiful.

The size doesn’t really matter

As it turns out, the size of your bathroom doesn’t really matter when it comes to making it functional and practical on a daily basis. Of course, the greater the available space, the better but those who only have a tiny little amount of space at their disposal should be worried. There’s been a certain development as far as bathroom engineering is concerned and this is great news especially for those with smaller bathrooms. For example, it is now possible to get a special set of bathrooAlcona_Cloakroom_Wall_Hungm furniture designed to make the most of whatever bathroom space there is. The idea behind this if pretty simple. All cupboards and cabinets are designed in such a way so that they use as much space as possible without leaving anything behind. Furniture designed in such a way is capable of giving you the storage space that you’re after. The benefit of choosing this type of clever design doesn’t end just here. There are also cabinets designed to be fitted directly under a washbasin. By putting a cabinet under a washbasin we get a certain amount of space by using the space that would otherwise remain unused. The space issue can be also solved by installing space efficient sanitary ware equipment such as wall hung or, at least, compact toilets. They help to hide the cistern away or at least put it directly on top of the bowl so that no precious space is wasted. We especially recommend the wall hung units because they leave almost nothing on display. Both the cistern and the plumbing remains hidden in the wall which is excellent for saving space in a bathroom and making it functional and practical.


It is definitely possible to turn even small bathrooms into functional and practical units. It just takes an open mind and some fresh ideas aimed at saving as much space as possible.

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