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Exotic bathroom decor

Exotic bathroom decor

Apr 23, 2013

All major bathroom manufacturers offer a variety of bathroom decor options to choose from. However, there are increasing numbers of people who aren’t really satisfied with the design ideas suggested by big companies. Typically, customers complain about the nature of bathroom decor available from bathroom manufacturers. In particular, people criticise copying the same ideas over and over again which leads to redundant and boring designs.

A very common bathroom design scenarios simply involves accepting the style and decor suggested by big sanitary ware companies. Apparently, there are many bathroom suites available on the market which create an impression that everything related to decor or design has already been taken care of. At the same time, one can’t really complain about the functional aspect which is usually very well organised. However, there’s a price to pay for all these conveniences. More and more customers would like to have something more original as far as bathroom design is concerned. This makes many bathroom decor enthusiasts look for some exotic designs which are very different to what can be found in design catalogues issued by big bathroom companies.

Exotic souGalerie_Plan_on_full_pedrce of bathroom inspiration

Due to the fact that more and more customers are interested in more original bathroom designs, the bathroom decor options offered by big sanitary ware manufacturers have ceased to be interesting anymore. Instead of choosing the options offered by bathroom companies, there are increasing numbers of customers going on a quest for bathroom inspiration completely on their own. It is very often the case that people choose very exotic bathroom decor which is very uncommon in Europe. Typically, customer prefer Asian designs which offer an absolutely unique character that is absent in all European designs. Bathroom decor from Japan appears to be particularly popular as it combines minimalism in form and a lot of everyday practicality. The same applies to bathroom colours. A typical European set involves different shades of gray or brown whereas the Asian alternative features white and black. The two colours stand for a way to achieve purity of soul and mind.


As it turns out, there are many bathroom customers absolutely dissatisfied with the range of bathroom products suggested by major sanitary ware companies. As a result, more and more people decide to go for Asian bathroom decor which is unique and very stylish.

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