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Exciting bathroom colours

Exciting bathroom colours

May 29, 2015

The nature of bathroom colours has been subject to radical changes over the last couple of years. The tendency seems to be very easily detectable, namely people are fed up with politically-correct colours and they want something different. It isn’t a particular mystery that all major sanitary ware manufacturers spend lots of money on consumer demand assessment. Knowing what people actually want to buy helps the manufacturers to launch successful product campaigns. Recently, we’ve seen a number of advertising strategies aimed at selling bathroom products like they’ve never been before. In particular, the idea is that exciting, bright and lively colours are used in order to make a bathroom look awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. It appears, then, people don’t want a white bathtub combined with white walls and tiles. Instead, what they want is something exciting that appeals to all senses.

And indeed, bright colours, for example, are able to give the results in question. At this stage we must say that the colour preferences aren’t only limited to walls or tiles. The approach that is currently adopted by most bathroom design experts is very straightforward when it comes to the choice of colours. Each and every piece of bathroom equipment has to look great which means there’s no room for default colours scheme we know from the past decades.

The colours apply to everything

Indeed, we do need to learn that it is impossible to create a complete bathroom design without paying attention to every single element that makes the bathroom complete. Therefore, it is vital to remember about doing this right. BeHotel-Flow-BTW-Pan-2fore choosing any colours at all, it is a very good idea to sit down and think of the colour concept. If exciting is the word that comes to mind most often, then it is about time we thought of bright and shiny colours. Of course, the choice of particular shades is up to the customer but we can definitely recommend some. For instance, it might be a good idea to think of orange and yellow as a combination. According to design experts, these colours go together rather well and contribute to the effect we’ve been talking about here. Certainly, it is also possible to use other colours such as red and white. Some customers may find it appropriate to go for the black, white and red combination which also fine. If a bathroom is to be used by children, it might be useful to think of colours such as pink, yellow, turquoise or violet. Naturally, choosing the pain for the walls and ceiling is the easiest bit. However, the good news is, manufacturers of tiles and sanitary ware products also give us a number of options to choose from. The range of available tiles is really mind-blowing. There are tiles from all over the world that come in all colours and shapes which means it shouldn’t take long to choose those that match the colour scheme that’s been chosen.


It is really a good idea to choose exciting colours for a bathroom because they help to make the place friendly-looking and fun to use.

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