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Enjoying the perfect bathroom colours

Enjoying the perfect bathroom colours

Mar 27, 2015

Bathroom colours are often all things to all people, which means it is usually pretty difficult to find a universal set or pattern of colours that everyone likes. It is common to find very individual approaches to colour and design matters and for this reason a given colour pattern may not quite be perfect for everyone. However, there are some universal rules that govern the choice of colours and that’s why we should have a look at one or two. We shall also see if a universal set of colours is capable of attaching meaning to what would normally be said to be just bathroom area.

As I’m sure you all know, bathroom colours are very important for many important reasons. After all, it is true that one doesn’t redecorate a bathroom every week or even every month which means it is incredibly important to get the colours right so that a well-designed bathroom can be enjoyable for years to come. Yes, we’re talking years here because most of currently available paint manufacturers offer excellent quality paints which are bound to last for about a decade. That’s why let’s see how this works in practice.

Colours in practice

Colours work in practice very well. According to design specialists from all over the world, colours are first to liven up or even completely change the way a bathroom looks. That’s why bathroom colours are very important and shouldencore_set2_main1 be approached with care and attention. First of all, one has to answer an incredibly important question, i.e. what effect is to be achieved. For example, some people want their bathroom to be a source of inspiration by having striking and thought-provoking colours schemes. In order to do that we recommend going for lively colours and avoiding all kinds of pastel shades. By doing so one gets a very vivid-looking bathroom that makes everyone feel very much awake. Others, on the other hand, prefer the bathroom to be a special retreat from the perils of everyday life. In that case vivid colours aren’t really recommended at all. Instead, it is much sensible to choose pastel shades which often help to create a laid-back and dreamy atmosphere inside a bathroom. In particular, various shades of blue, grey and green are desirable because of the emotions they tend to provoke. Green, for example, is widely known for creating an atmosphere of peace and quietness which is exactly what most of people want after a hard day at the office. The blue colour, furthermore, is known for creating an impression of natural water resources which makes one think about oceans or seas. Then, the grey colour is widely acknowledged for being the perfect transition colour from one shade to another.


Colours play a vital role in every bathroom. Depending on individual preferences, it is important to choose the colours that fit your requirements.

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