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Energy efficiency and bathroom decor

Energy efficiency and bathroom decor

May 29, 2014

Many people do actually share a pretty common opinion that it is either a stylish or a functional bathroom. For some reason, a majority of people believe that it isn’t actually possible to have a bathing room that would feature the best of both worlds. However, the truth actually turns out to be a little bit different. Thanks to a number of enthusiasts we can now choose from a variety of bathroom solutions that combine the two features. What’s more, they don’t cost an arm and a leg which means affordability is pretty all right, too.

It is really difficult to understand why so many people wrongly believe it is not possible to enjoy a functional and stylish bathroom. Apparently, it is a common belief that one has to be either decor or functionality enthusiasts but, luckily, this isn’t true. There are many bathroom design enthusiasts out there desperate to combine the two features into one bathroom design. Therefore, let’s see whether or not it is possible to combine very good looks, style and functionality in the shape of energy efficiency, for example.

Efficient style

Even though a majority of people believe we do have to compromise either style or functionality in or04LineobyAntonioCiAA11ofder to have a decent bathroom design, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. For instance, let’s have a closer look at a bathroom decor which manages to combine, as we said, the best of the two worlds. First of all, then, let’s say a few words concerning the stylish side. According to the most recent bathroom fashion, we do recommend going for pastel colours of mild and serene nature. Colours such as blue, green, light orange and turquoise are definitely the most popular at the moment. Then there’s the choice of your bathroom gear. Again, most recent trends involve shower enclosures or even shower rooms rather than bathtubs. Furthermore, we are pretty confident that a compact toilet accompanied with a bidet would be a very good choice. Speaking of energy efficiency, all the above-mentioned pieces of bathroom gear are capable of using as little energy as possible. These days it is very important that all sanitary ware pieces are eco-friendly and cheap to run. Little wonder, then, those items have been in great demand recently. Not only do they manage to be very efficient but they also look magnificently contributing to the decor of a given bathroom. At this stage it must be remember that choosing an efficient bathroom decor is a bit of an investment. It may be slightly more expensive in the beginning but it is certainly worth it in the long run.


An efficient bathroom decor is definitely what counts these days. Unlike any other solutions, an efficient decor is capable of combining decent functionality and great looks.

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