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Efficient styles and deigns

Efficient styles and deigns

Jun 19, 2013

A contemporary bathroom style has a lot to do with functionality and practicality. Apparently, a well-designed bathroom these days means something completely different than it did a couple of decades ago. From being purely style-orientated, a good bathing room design has moved on to being all about functionality and efficiency. With that in mind, let’s say a few words about efficient styles and designs which appear to be in the first place as far as the ideal bathroom concept is concerned.

Bathroom designs have a very interesting history which has witnessed a number of drastic changes in the course of time. The past surely belonged to artistic design concepts which paid very little attention to functionality or everyday practicality. Instead, a good bathroom was supposed to be fantastic to look at and that was achieved by fancy shapes and exquisite materials. These days, on the other hand, a lot appears to have changed in this respect and a well-designed bathing room doesn’t mean what it used to do in the past. Therefore, let’s have a closer look at a modern day idea of a good sanitary ware design.

Style and design meet function

Unlike the design of the past which were obsessed with artistic value and aesthetic features, modern day bathroom is very different in that respect. First of all, the prevailing feature of a contemporary well-designed bathroom is H8_Walk_Thru_Pnl_480px_2011functionality and all the other features play second fiddle to the functional aspects. As a result, a bathroom these days is expected to serve a very specific function which can’t quite be realised any other way than by giving absolute priority to functionality. Customers demand their bathing rooms to be efficient and practical and that means there’s simply no room for too much aesthetics that wouldn’t really have any other function than itself. People these days want their products to save money thanks to innovative technologies being implemented straight away. A complete set of energy efficient sanitary ware products turns out to be perfect for the task at hand. Energy efficiency is so important these days that even functionality can be derived from the fact that a given product is very conservative when it comes to the use of energy or, in this case, running water. As it turns out, then, a well-designed modern day bathroom needs to be functional in the first place and functionality should be manifested by a low running water consumption.


A bathroom style or design is worth only as much as it contributes to a better efficiency and practicality in a bathing room on a daily basis.

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