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Eco-friendly bathroom styles and designs

Eco-friendly bathroom styles and designs

Mar 8, 2014

A good bathroom style is very important to many customers interested in making their bathing rooms a little bit more stylish. According to surveys, people begin to be a little bit fed up with plain white walls and grey tiles on the floor. They seem to look for something different that would change the way we look at a bathroom. At this point we wholeheartedly recommend a variety of wooden products which are not only very functional but also they manage to look quite simply cool. A range of bathroom cupboards and cabinets made of wood is currently available on the market which is why you should really give them a try. What’s more, wood is very eco-friendly and that’s very important especially these days.

Over the years, people have had a different approach to bathroom styles and designs. Back in the olden days it was all about the looks and the practical aspect wasn’t really important so much. Now, though, things have changed in this respect and there are more and more people interested in combining both style and practicality into a single bathroom decor. Luckily, though, it is now possible thanks to the use of wood in bathroom decoration and that’s what we’re going to focus on next.

Eco-friendliness in a bathing room

The wooden material has been around pretty much for forever. However, it is the recent decades that brought many changes to the manufacturing process. This means we can now enjoy a whole bunch of wooden products made accoEnvy_Cloakroomrding to the latest technological processes which introduce excellent quality and a great reliability. All major woodworking or carpentry services use laser-guided sawing machines which are capable of cutting a piece of wood exactly the way we want it. For example, it is possible to get a dead-straight line when needed but it is also possible to go for oval or round shapes if that’s what you want. Either way, you still get a fabulous quality which helps reliability and build quality of the end-product. Speaking of particular bathroom designs that incorporate wood, it is important to note a whole variety of cupboards and cabinets. Please don’t be afraid of choosing wood. Even though a bathing room is a damp location, modern day lacquers are able to keep the wooden material protected against the negative effects of steam. What’s more, having wooden furniture pieces makes your bathroom look special and that’s a fact. Finally, if your bathroom design involves a window, make sure you go for a wooden one, too. Modern-day technologies allow for these windows to have excellent thermal insulating properties which is to be appreciated in the winter time.


Bathroom styles and designs are very important for many customers. Luckily, it is now possible to combine both style and functionality thanks to the use of the wooden material.

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