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Don’t overlook your bathroom colours

Don’t overlook your bathroom colours

Nov 24, 2014

A bathroom design can be fairly difficult and troublesome to pull off. At times, we don’t really know what it is that should be given priority handling. Some people believe that a bathroom should give maximum comfort at all times because we often use a bathroom in a hurry or after a long day at the office. Others, however, argue that pure functionality is what should be treated with maximum care and attention. We are going to argue in favour of positing that the wise choice of bathroom colours is capable of satisying the two above-mentioned groups. What’s more, getting bathroom colours right will give you a fantastic bathroom unit that is both a great place to be in and an awesome retreat after a hard day at work.

The idea of colour choosing is almost as old as mankind. Apparently, people have always been preoccupied with colours and various meaning have been assigned to various colour shades. Bathroom contexts have been traditionally assigned white shades which are believed to be a symbol of purity in a literal and figurative sense. More recently, though, a number of groundbreaking opinions have emerged which tend to prefer other colours. Given that, we’re going to focus on choosing the best colours that will work in a small bathroom.

Small bathroom but great colours

Even a small bathroom doesn’t sound particularly encouraging due to a whole bunch of disadvantages, the picture becomes a little bit more colourful when we think about choosing the right colours. Yes, a small bathing room brings about aGalerie_Plan_Flushwise_WC number of immediate problems such as insufficient amount of space available to the user and it can really look pretty gray and down-to-Earth. The good news being, however, the right choice of colours can change everything. As we said earlier, colours similar to snowy white used to be popular in the past and, it must be said, they still have their keen supporters. Not only do they look absolutely classy and marvellous but also they help to create a better image of your bathroom. At this point, however, we would like to recommend going a little bit further with your colour choice. Instead of choosing whiteish colours, please have a look at blue, orange or yellow. These colours are bound to liven up your bathroom which is very important in a bathroom. Lively colours are just what you need on a gloomy and cold December morning. However, if you’d rather your bathroom to be a little bit more calmed down, they we do recommend using the green colour. According to many people who seek relaxation and comfort in their bathrooms, the green colour definitely delivers to their expectations. In this case your bathroom becomes a wonderful retreat full of relax and laid-back atmosphere.


Bathroom colours are very important in a bathroom. Get it right and your bathroom will be just as you’ve always wanted it to be.

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