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Designing a vintage bathroom

Designing a vintage bathroom

Mar 15, 2013

Surprisingly enough, there are increasing numbers of bathroom customers actually willing to go back in time with their bathroom design. The tendency in question is primarily concerned with what is known as a vintage-style bathroom. In a nutshell, this involves an old-looking bathroom but featuring all the functionalities of a contemporary bathroom. According to customers, the vintage style is much more exciting than the modern day minimalistic trend and it has certainly more character to it.

It appears that the so-called modern day minimalistic style clearly visible in contemporary bathroom design begins to gain many opponents. Apparently, it is claimed that it isn’t very exciting and due to the fact that almost all bathrooms are designed in a similar way, a contemporary bathroom has lost its distinctive character. Therefore, more and more customers choose to go vintage when it comes to bathroom style and design. At this stage it must be mentioned that a vintage bathroom decor may not be easily accessible because a majority of bathroom stores tend to offer contemporary design ideas. However, it is certainly worth the extra effort even though it may turn out to be priced quite steeply, too.

Features of a vintage-style bathroom


A vintage-style bathroom is nothing like contemporary bathrooms available currently on the market. It doesn’t have that sterile feeling of those modern day arrangements. What it does have, though, is a fantastic feel of a well-designed bathing room that has a lot of character to itself. Typically, customers prefer to maintain the vintage look by fitting vintage-like pieces of bathroom furniture and sanitary ware equipment. Luckily, it is of course possible to keep the functionality and practicality of modern day products. Numerous manufacturers offer vintage series of products which utilise the latest achievements in sanitary ware industry dressed in the outfits coming straight from the 1950s or 60s. At this stage, however, a potential customer should be aware of the fact that this isn’t the cheapest design available and it is certainly going to take some time locating a store offering exactly what they’re interested in. Nevertheless, the end result is so good that all the effort quickly begins to be of secondary importance.


Vintage-style bathrooms are gradually becoming more and more popular. Apparently, customers are fed up with sterile arrangements offered to by mainstream sanitary ware manufacturers.

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