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Designing a perfect bathroom

Designing a perfect bathroom

Jun 20, 2013

A very good bathroom these days means something completely different than it did a couple of decades ago. Pure aesthetics is no longer the most preferable option and customers these days would like their bathrooms to be practical and functional in the first place. As opposed to old designs which were all about style and design, modern day bathroom solutions are expected to be very efficient and user-friendly. With that in mind, let’s see how a modern day bathroom looks upon closer examination.

The sanitary ware industry is just like any other industry in that it constantly develops and new trends are being introduced even as we speak. Little wonder, then, the style and design of the past has very little to do with more modern bathroom solutions. The main difference between the old designs and the new ones becomes abundantly clear when we have a look at the objectives. In the case of retro bathroom designs everything was obsessed with style and aesthetics without anyone actually taking any notice of the functional or practical aspects. These days, on the other hand, customers are interested in the so called real life performance which means that only functionality and practicality count.

Practical and functional priorities

A good contemporary bathroom just has to be functional and practical. According to customers, there’s simply no reason to buy products that don’t meet the functional and practical requirements. These days very few people can afencore_set_ohead_cameoford to have art for purely art’s sake in a bathroom and that means functionality aspects are in the first place. In particular, a functional bathing room consists of energy efficient pieces of sanitary ware equipment which should be very conservative when it comes to running water consumption. All major bathroom companies offer products especially designed to save as much water as possible. For instance, then, a water efficient toilet looks just like any other toilet unit in that it features a cistern and a bowl. However, this is precisely where similarities end. An energy efficient toilet unit comes with a 2-stage flushing system which allows the user to have a control over the amount of water that is flushed away. Experts believe than a conscious and systematic use of the energy efficient feature is capable of reducing the running water consumption by a very significant amount. A water saving toilet is only a part of the bigger picture which, ideally, should feature a showering enclosure and a washbasin with an energy efficient tap in order to achieve the best possible efficiency figures.


A modern day bathroom is expected to be functional and practical. However, it turns out that a functional and practical unit should always be very efficient as well.

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