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Contemporary bathroom styles and designs

Contemporary bathroom styles and designs

Jun 12, 2013

It appears that contemporary bathroom designs and styles are very different to what used to be considered trendy in the past. Apparently, customers these days aren’t really willing to pay for anything that isn’t all about functionality or practicality which means that there aren’t any art for art’s sake bathroom solutions any more. Instead, every single piece of bathroom design has to have its function which has been defined very precisely.

Bathing rooms of the past used to be very interesting when it comes to their style and design. For a whole bunch of reasons, customers were interested in a fancy looks just as well as in practicality or functionality. Some people even say that a majority of customers were actually interested in a fancy looking bathroom more than they were concerned about the functional aspects. These days, on the other hand, every single piece of bathroom gear has to be functionality-orientated and this tendency gets stronger and stronger. As a result, a majority of sanitary ware manufacturers have followed the global tendency and that is exactly the reason why sanitary ware catalogues feature functional and practical items only.

Functional and practical styles

It is just enough to have a look at a selection of sanitary ware catalogues issued by major bathroom companies to understand that customers expect everyday functionality above all. It turns out that they’re even ready to compromise somEncore_cloake aesthetic values in favour of increased functionality or practicality. A very good example of the above-mentioned tendency is a set of efficient bathroom products which has been immensely popular over the last couple of years. The set consists of space and energy efficient bathroom products which were especially designed with functionality in mind. The idea behind these products is actually very simple. Space efficient pieces of sanitary ware equipment are combined with furniture components which are also very conservative when it comes to the use of bathroom area. The results are very surprising. It actually turns out that thanks to this new approach to bathroom design, it is nowadays possible to arrange even a potentially small bathroom in such a way so that it remains perfectly functional and practical in spite of its size.


The nature of a contemporary bathroom has a lot to do with functional and practical aspects. It also turns out that a majority of customers are prepared to compromise the aesthetics in order to gain a user-friendly bathroom.

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