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Colour management in a bathroom

Colour management in a bathroom

Feb 2, 2014

Although most people would say that colours and design in a bathroom are of rather secondary importance, let’s wonder a bit whether that is true or not. Surely, functionality and energy efficiency are very important because they result in a set of very tangible qualities but it doesn’t mean that colours are not important at all. According to experts dealing with design and ergonomics, the right choice of colours is almost equally important as the functional and efficient aspect of a bathroom. Apparently, getting the colours right means that we can enjoy our bathing rooms more and that makes us happier.

As it actually turns out, choosing colours and bathroom decor isn’t that irrelevant as many people would have thought. It seems to be the case that pure functionality and energy efficiency are only part of the story. In order to get the full picture, you do need to think about the design and style of your bathing room. Given that, let’s have a closer look at the perfect blend of style, functionality and efficiency in order to determine whether or not such a combination is even possible to achieve.

A successful colour management in your bathroom

The importance of colours, then, is not something you can easily miss when preparing your bathroom design. Speaking of colours, you do have to bear in mind the fact that a typical set of colours involving plain white or gray isn’t really what3D_600_w_White_furniture we’re talking about here. Instead of using colours that have been used for decades, you should try and experiment with various shades of blue, green, red, orange or even yellow. Depending on the effect you’re interested in achieving, the particular choice of colours will differ. For example, then, if you’re into a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, then you should definitely go for blue or green. According to art experts, those 2 colours are perfect if a sense of relaxation is what you want. However, if you simply want to liven up your bathroom, then you should think more in terms of orange or even red. The same applies to your bathroom tiles. These days there are so many different tile options available on the market that it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get tiles that match the colour of your walls or the other way round. As it turns out, then, a good bathroom requires much more than just the right choice of sanitary ware products or very good functionality and efficiency. If the colours don’t add up, then the whole thing doesn’t look the way it should.


A good colour management is absolutely crucial in order to achieve a decent bathroom design.

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