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Bathroom designs for a small room

Bathroom designs for a small room

Mar 19, 2013

Big and spacious bathroom definitely belong to the past. Bathing rooms of today are much smaller which means they require taking a completely different approach that their predecessors. Luckily enough, sanitary ware manufacturers have been able to adjust to the current situation by offering dozens of space efficient and very practical items especially designed with small bathrooms in mind. Therefore, let examine one or two of them a little bit closer.

Unlike bathrooms of the past, these days we do have to take into account size and all its limitations. Instead of having a large bathroom and not paying any attention to details, we do have to think twice before we make a final decision with regard to the choice of particular pieces of sanitary ware elements. Therefore, such products as corner toilets and shower enclosures have been immensely popular over the last years. Interestingly, it turns out that there’s more to them than just space efficiency.

Double efficiency

On the surface at least it would seem that a small bathroom can’t possibly indicate any benefits and upsidcorneres. However, upon a closer examination it turns out that a little bit of clever thinking is capable of delivering some substantial savings. First of all, the right choice of sanitary ware products has to involve some of the space saving items which are easily available from any major bathroom store. Interestingly enough, purchasing a space efficient product also means purchasing an economic product. For example, if you’ve chosen a showering enclosure, you can count on, obviously, a very good space and water efficiency. In other words, then, choosing economic products often benefits in double efficiency which very good news. The same sort of principle applies to toilets. Traditionally, a majority of bathroom customers choose corner toilets that feature a compact design. Interestingly, it is possible to choose a rim-free compact toilet and that turns out to be triple efficiency. First of all, it saves your bathroom area for obvious reason. However, it then goes on to saving your money as well due to the rim-free flushing system which uses less water than conventional designs. Finally, the toilet also saves you quite a lot of work cleaning the whole thing up as the rim-free design doesn’t case any dirt to build up around the rim area.


As we’ve seen, a small bathroom can literally be a blessing in disguise in that it often causes triple efficiency which is simply impossible with larger and roomier bathing rooms.

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