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Bathroom decor for small units

Bathroom decor for small units

Dec 29, 2014

A small bathroom is typically believed to be a source of many problems. Not only can you not fit everything that you’d fancy due to a shortage of bathroom area but you also need to make arbitrary decisions, which is never easy. By and large, people are forced to choose between having a shower enclosure or a bathtub because a small bathroom simply doesn’t allow for having both. In fact, it even doesn’t really allow for having a bathtub due to the fact that it occupies an awful lot of space inside. However, I would like to recommend a very special kind of a bathtub. The bathtub that we’re talking about involves a compact size and the shower enclosure functionality. Although it sounds too good to be true, please bear with me for a moment.

Apparently, a small bathroom decor doesn’t have to indicate something nasty or altogether unpleasant. According to bathroom specialists that deal with these matters a lot, a small bathroom unit can be very rewarding to work with. Even though we can’t really count on a lot in terms of space availability, there’s still a lot that can be done. For example, fitting a compact bathtub with a showering functionality sounds like a cracking idea. Given that, let’s try and see if this solution stands a chance of working in practice.

A unique bathtub

As I said earlier, a small bathroom doesn’t have to mean just problems. Modern day sanitary wareAQ5768CP_AquaPrem_WM_BSM products offer excellent functionalities which make them perfect for small bathroom use. Statistically, most flat owners have to deal with smallish bathrooms and that can often be a serious problem. However, it doesn’t have to be due to the solution that has just been mentioned. Not only does a compact bathroom look great but it also brings about a great number of functional features. Speaking of which, it is just enough to mention the showering functionality. A compact bathroom of this type features a special tap which allows for having a full control over the water flow. As a result, we can have the water inside the bathtub and we can also get the water to reach the shower head. The shower head would be fitted in the wall in order to ensure a comfortable access. Having this special bathtub gives one plenty of opportunities. For instance, one may choose whether to have a long and relaxing bath or just a quick shower. Standard bathtubs or shower enclosures don’t give this choice and we’re forced to choose between the two sanitary ware products. A small bathroom decor is about space efficiency and for this reason I recommend choosing wisely when it comes to the rest of bathroom products. Please take your time before making any decisions.


A small bathroom decor doesn’t have to impose limitations at all. Apparently, one can enjoy a versatile and comfortable bathroom even if it’s rather small.

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