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Bathroom colours in a disabled-friendly bathroom

Bathroom colours in a disabled-friendly bathroom

Sep 29, 2015

As opposed to a commonly shared opinion, a disabled-friendly bathroom doesn’t have to be all about practicality and efficiency. Apparently, most people are convinced that these are the only features a good bathroom for disabled should have. Well, it seems that there’s no reason to disregard such things as design or style. With this in mind, let’s just discuss a number of basic fact regarding the use of colours in bathroom designing and see how it impacts the overall impression a given bathroom nit creates.

A disabled-friendly bathroom isn’t just all about efficiency and pure practicality. In fact, it is still very important to remember about choosing the colours which are of crucial importance in each and every bathroom. It is actually a pity that many disabled-friendly bathroom are made without taking into account the above-mentioned fact.

A colourful practicality

For some reason it is often believed that a good disabled-friendly bathroom is nothing but a set of purely practical items put together in order to ensure maximum ease of access. Yes, it is important that a bathroom for disabled meets the functionality and practicality standards but those aren’t the only standards it should meet. It would be ideal if such a bathroom could also be nice to look at and pleasant to use. ThAvalon_main_suiteis can be achieved by using the right colours. Of course, a particular choice of colours is a highly individual matter and people generally tend to have different opinions. However, it is common knowledge that certain colours make the place more lively and exciting than others. For example, colours such as red, orange or similar are known for their awe-inspiring qualities. So if you want to liven up your place a little bit, choose one of those colours. On the other hand, for example, it is possible to choose a much more conservative shades such as blue, grey or turquoise. These colours are known for their relaxing features. Therefore, those who want their bathroom to be the room for relaxation should always choose one of those colours. The choice of colours isn’t only for the walls and ceiling these days. Apparently, the same applies to the choice of tiles and other pieces of sanitary equipment. Speaking of which, it is important to remember that a disabled-friendly bathroom is just like any other aspect in that respect. Therefore, please choose your sanitary ware items wisely. For example, we recommend going for one of those energy efficient items which help cut down on running water consumption by a significant amount.


A disabled-friendly bathroom isn’t only about the practical and functional stuff. As it turns out, it should also be a colourful place because otherwise the whole thing is just pointless.

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